Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday, November 6th gig

The Fat City Council is back in regular session after two weeks of throwing down with awesome guests. I got video of the opener, "Intermission," in my digital still camera, which I will upload and convert to mpeg ASAP. For now a few still pics from the evening. First, below, some new friends and fans from Pennsylvania. We welcome you!

Below, Johnnie Johnson on Jerry's axe! Crack me up, bro'. Cat can flat-ass play guitar!

Back shot of Jerry, followed by a shot of him singing "Come Back Home." Then Lenny, Jamie, Rochon, and Rob.

Finally for now (gotta go catch some quick ZZZ's), our beloved Fat City Horns, tonight with the fabulous Tom Delibero again subbing, this time for Gil.

Don't forget (see bottom of prior post), Jerry and friends will be playing Tuesday night at the E-String Bar & Grill in Henderson (nice place). Also, get out and VOTE.

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