Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday, November 27th gig

Tonight, 10:15 pm in The Lounge, the Healing resumes. Be there.

Got home from Marquette about midnight last night. Unbelievably easy trip. No problems going or coming. Lake Superior is an awesome sight. And, my sister's family is the best!

Not certain yet (have to check some stuff at the day gig), but I probably will not be able to make the gig tonight, 'cuz I have to be up in Utah early tomorrow for two days of medical clinic consultations, and I have a 2do list a mile long. Looking for a "reporter" to cover for me. Somebody, step up and get a byline.

FYI- Next Sunday from 10 to 11 a.m., Ric Gould of 97.1 The Point will conduct a live in-studio interview with Jerry Lopez, and perhaps a couple of the guys, which will include playing and discussing material from the band's CD. Everyone, please tune in to that, it's gonna be great.

- BobbyG


5:30 a.m., I'm outa here for Utah in about an hour. Dang! I hate that I missed this. Clint Holmes and Joe Bergeron sat in. I know that had to be great.

Quoting Dave: "Clint was on stage to scat with the boys for a song. Joe Bergeron joined them. There were a lot of new faces in the audience, including 2 female singers from Pittsburgh that said the show "brought tears to their eyes" it was so good. Loretta St. John, Bobby Black and Kelly Clinton were also in the audience."

Thanks, Dave! I'll be back next Monday night. Don't forget, y'all, the Petersons are coming to sit in again on December 11th. See Jerry's message, with links, in the prior post. And, remember that Jerry will be on 97.1 FM from 10 to 11 a.m. this Sunday for a live interview with Ric Gould.

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