Thursday, November 02, 2006

Some gig updates

TONIGHT, 9 pm, Cedar's Mediterranean Grill, Durango at Twain, Loni Clark, former lead vocalist for The Marvelettes, appears with her fine jazz drummer husband Eugene Balog. Drop by and check out some excellent jazz and R&B music.


My bro' Ronnie Foster kicks out the jams on Saturday nights at 9 pm at the University Patio Bar & Grill, 4275 Maryland Parkway, right across the street from Moose's, just north of Trop. Lineup now includes the fabulous Scott Cannady on bass, the unreal chopsmeister Drew Zingg on guitar, my favorite sax cat Phil Wigfall on soprano and alto, and fine homeboy drummer Don Meoli subbing on the kit.


Just got an email from my man Blaise Sison:

Hi Friends,

The Family Stone is doing the RED ROCK RESORT on the 17th and 18th of November.

We hit @ 9:00pm on both nights. I would love to see all of you!

...with Original members, and Rock & Roll Hall of Famers...Jerry Martini,Cynthia Robinson and Sly's sister... Rose Stone! Come meet them!

Let us take you "HIGHER & HIGHER! So all you "EVERYDAY PEOPLE", come and "DANCE TO THE MUSIC" or "SING A SIMPLE SONG" with us.

THANK YOU.....(falettin'me Be Mice Elf Agin)


Briefly caught Loni and Eugene's gig at Cedar's. Chick has Diva pipes, very nice lady, too. She should at least be in a nice Strip lounge, with good lighting and sound. She belted out some "old" Whitney Houston and Aretha. Very well done. They drew a nice crowd, too.

Eugene told me he'd be starting a new gig, 7 pc group, in the lounge at Excalibur, beginning at 9 pm tonight. Eugene is one fine drummer. I hope it'll be a great success.

BTW- bumped into my main main Robert Conti as I was leaving. He hipped me to a new website he's put up. All guitarists need to check out Not kidding.


OK, Monday night Cheryl and I bought a bunch of CDs. Jerry Lopez, you were not exaggerating. Michael Ruff is awesome. I've studied both of the above by now. Dude is a serious Bad Boy.


First of all, Madonna throws down, majorly upping the ante to Angelina Jolie. First paparazzi pic just surfaced of Madonna and her new adopted African baby boy...

Next, Jamie Hosmer is online at MySpace, as is Phil Wigfall. Jamie posts his solo gig schedule on his MySpace site. Check in episodically to keep up. These cats have some cool pics on their sites. Wonder where they got those...LOL!

Don't forget: Ronnie Foster tonight, 9 pm at the University Patio, 4275 S. Maryland just north of Trop. Tomorrow night, the jazz jam at the Hurricane, and the songwriter night picks up again on Sundays at the E-String on Sunset at Valley Verde in Henderson, hosted by Katie Logan. Also tomorrow, Mundo's Hot Club of Las Vegas Gypsy Djazz group appears from 1 - 3 pm again at the reJAVAnate coffee lounge, 3300 East Flamingo #23. Check 'em out, some really fine playing.

BTW- To my increasing cadre of Vegas musician friends: Were I to be able to get around to all of your gigs, I'd be out doin' clubs every night, for which I just lack the time right now. All this nightlife stuff lately has taken me way off my gym rat schedule. I love seeing y'all play, and wish I had time to come to everyones' gigs every week. I don't mean to diss anyone.


Check this out, video of Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns doin' "Soul Trilogy."

More news for the upcoming week: This Tuesday evening starting at 9 pm, Jerry Lopez will join with a bunch of our A-List friends, including the eminent Tommy Alvarado on saxes and vocals (yikes!), Bill Zappia on keys, Chris Gordon on bass, and Joel Richman on drums for an evening of kickin' smooth jazz and funk at the E-string Bar & Grill, 2031 W. Sunset in Henderson (east out Sunset by Valley Verde). This is the lineup that had been slated to start appearing at the Artisan before the owner there went all institutional one night insulting Ronnie Foster, causing everyone to pull out. Y'all come support these cats Tuesday night, it's a nice venue, and you know the music will be first-class.

Also, Loni Clark (see top of this post) emailed me to say that she and husband Eugene Balog will again appear this Thursday at Cedar's, Durango at Twain on the west side, 9 pm. Loni said they would be opening it up for a jam after the first set, so bring your axes and sit in.

Don't forget, the Healing resumes at The Palms tomorrow night with the Fat City Council in session starting around 10 pm. Be there.


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