Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday, November 20th gig

A message from Jerry:

I want everyone to know that on December 11th, we will have another "Guest Artist Night" and will have the return of Paul Peterson ("St. Paul") and Jason Peterson Delair. Super funky cats (both Prince band alumni) and the last time they were here, they raised the roof! Don't miss it!


Very Cool, Andy!


Man, it's 2:25 a.m., and I'm startin' to feel an onset attack of acute clinical T.O.R., a.k.a., "Transient Opthamological Rectalitis" -- a.k.a. "I jus' can't see my ass goin' to work in the morning."

Where to start? The band was utterly fryin' tonight. And, Lenny was off his meds, big-time!

Then, Jerry starts givin' props to notable guests in the audience, and he mentions the kick-ass former guitarist for Tower of Power, Danny Hoefer. DANNY HOEFER!!! I about flipped out, and went back to collar him and bring him to our table. Danny lives in Seattle, and is now a Regional Rep for Gibson Guitars. I first met Danny in the late 1960's when I moved to Seattle from San Francisco. We had this big tribe of hippie bands that all hung and gigged and jammed together (recall my blog post about that era). Danny was this young, tasty blues cat that just took off musically and left us all in the dust (moving on to Tower of Power and beyond). A George Benson calibre player. Seriously.

Well, Danny got up and sat in with Santa Fe, and blew it out. Pic below.

BobbyG is one happy camper tonight. What an awesome, blessed surprise. Man!

A few more pics from the evening:

OK, I gotta crash (I took 65 shots tonight, I'll post more -- of the ones that don't suck -- as I have time). Major thanks to Palms co-owner Gavin Maloof for comin' to hang tonight. Also, thanks to 97.1 FM's jazz show producer Ric Gould for coming to hear this awesome band. And, huge props to Alex Leon for sitting on percussion, and to Sean from the fabulous Mosaic for jumpin' up on stage to sing (check out their re-designed website).


Quick, get me the defibrillator paddles and Venti Latte IV pic line...CLEAR!!!

OK, below, briefly, before I split for the day gig (yeah, gonna make the 8:30 conference call), Dave Siefkes sent me a few pics. Ric Gould of 97.1 The Point with Jerry, then JJ mugs for the lense, and BobbyG crackin' up at something crazy onstage.

Danny really dug it. He was askin' me all kinds of questions about the band. And, Rob's solo in "Higher Ground" got away with him, 'cuz he'd asked me a while before 'does that cat ever solo?'

Yep, he does. Like the dude in the Saturday Night Live band.

Bro', what can I say? Wait till Pat Hughes hears about this.


Cheryl and I are off to my Sister's place in Marquette, Michigan early Wednesday morning for the Thanksgiving Holiday, be back Sunday night. Thanks to our son Nick for house sitting and taking care of Lucie, Jaco, and Max. We wish all of you a safe and joyful Thanksgiving. Once I get back, I have to be up in Utah early the following Tuesday for two days of consulting visits with a bunch of our client medical clinics, so I will probably not be able to make it to the gig Monday night (27th). Need for someone to step up as a guest blogger to cover the night.


Sunday. It's different here. Lovely, too. Pic below of Cheryl and I with my sister's family (what a great tribe), standing atop Sugarloaf Mountain, which overlooks the entire area. Be back in Vegas late tonight.

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