Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thanks, Mundo

Mundo Juillerat (Jerry Lopez's immensely talented brother-in-law) is Principal Guitarist in the Vegas production of the Mamma Mia show at Mandalay Bay (which also features Santa Fe's Pepe Jimenez on drums). Mundo is also founder of the wonderful Gypsy Jazz trio "Hot Club of Las Vegas," regarding whom I've posted recently on this blog. You gotta go catch their group (recall my pic here of them featuring the incredible Mamma Mia lead Carol Linnea Johnson last Sunday).

Well, Mundo got us a pair of comps to the show last night. Thanks, bro', it was very, very nice of you, and the show was great. The lengthy, detailed score is wonderful; goes way beyond just a medley of ABBA tunes. The show runs about 2 hours, and these cats (9 pc orchestra) play some awesome, finesse stuff. They work hard. Great cast, beautiful set and lighting, great fun music.

Cool mp3 clip of Mundo here. Cat can seriously play, lotsa different genres. Mundo is also the cat who hipped us to the life-changing Steven Pressfield book "The War of Art" (a must-read).

PS- See y'all tomorrow night at The Palms!


LOL! Let's all get in the Holiday spirit...


The Family Stone Experience

Blaise Sison invited me out last night to see him perform with The Family Stone. What a treat! The band was tight, tight ,tight ! I had never seen Blaise in the "Rock Star Concert Mode"

But as Ronnie Foster says he’s a "Bad Boy." We have all seen Blaise play around town in the Jazz-R&B groove and he is such a tasteful, precision player never over playing. Just providing the solid pocket for the drummer to be in and when he needs to stand out he can do that too. Let me tell you "Blazin Blaise," who is also the Musical Director, was almost stealing the show. I didn’t know he could dance like that. He hung right in there with lead singer Fred Ross, who really put on a show, and never missed a note. I don’t know how he can play at the level he plays at and move like he did. The visual choreography has always been a signature of Sly and The Family Stone and they still have it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band having so much fun on stage. They are truly Entertainers.

Sly’s, Sister Rose Stone, was on Keyboard as well as other founding members Cynthia Robinson on Trumpet and Leader Jerry Martini on Sax. All three are Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees. Nate Wingfield on Guitar, from Las Vegas, was performing his second show with the group, but you would have never known it. Tasche Cryer from the Oakland area was on keyboards and laying down the sounds just like the hit records. Drummer, John Mader, laid down the solid foundation with Brother Blaise for this incredible group. The crowd did not want them to stop and I look forward to my next Family Stone Experience.

Blaise invited me back stage to meet the band and their manager, Paul Curcio. Paul tells me the group will be touring extensively next year. They usually play much larger venues and I believe Blaise told me that they recently played to an audience of close to 20,000. Everyone in the band was great. We enjoyed a short after party back stage, photos and rapping about mutual musician friends from the Oakland area.

I have attached photos from the show and back stage and recommend it highly to the "Bloggy G" audience. Their web site is

Steve Tuminello, "Bloggy G," field reporter signing off. (Hey, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!)

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