Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feb 11th gig at The Palms

Man! I got welcomed back to a big birthday cake and a slammin' show! Awesome evening. The band did a crushing two-hour set that culminated in a big "System of Survival" jam featuring guests Alex Ligertwood (above, Santana alum), our homies Michito Sanchez and Alex Leon, and percussion cat A.B, new in town from from Venezuela. Below, Left to Right, A.B, Alex, Michito, and our regular fan, Cirque du Soleil "Ka" star Joerg.

Above, Michito and Alex throw it down.

OK, I have a Google/Blogger screw-up here now (3 a.m.). I just got this error message saying I've exceeded my free image storage limit of one gig.

Which is crap, because I knew I was getting close to the 1 gig limit and had already purchased another 10 gigs from the Google Picasa image service (where they store your uploads). When I go to the "available space" page it shows that I indeed should have another 10 gigs available.

Stay tuned, sorry.


Looks like I got someone's attention. Appears to be working now. Thanks to whomever responded to rectify this (I got no direct email response from Google tech support, but something happened; it now says "You are currently using 1024MB (9%) of your 11264MB" on the image upload panel).

I'll finish this post this morning, got a bunch of good shots last night. Dumped 99 out of the camera, still going through them.


The neon logo sign on the back stage curtain has now been broken for about two months. Jeesh. Do they ever fix anything here? The blue wash radiating off that thing did help provide some subtle backlight highlights to my shots.


Below, Eric Tewalt and Tom Delibero again on the gig. You can't really call these cats "subs" anymore, they're integral to the Fat City Horns II unit.

Below: got a few low-hanging-fruit shots of both Nathan and Rochon. BTW, I've agreed to do Rochon's website for him. We'll try to get that thing up and running in a week or so, at least get some basic things in place. I may call on Dustin to help out.

BTW: last night's set list, according to my hastily scribbled list.
  1. Intermission
  2. Soul Trilogy
  3. Come With Me
  4. Higher Ground
  5. Ain't That Peculiar?
  6. Si Te Vas
  7. What'cha Gonna Do With Dat Greazy Thing?
  8. Ev'rybody Wants to Love You
  9. Salvation
  10. Come Together
  11. Take My Heart Away
  12. Living For The City
  13. System of Survival
I think that was all. Great set (inclusive of the fleeting 'yeah,-they-ARE-human' Senior Moment in "Come Together," LOL).

More shots. Below, the hands of the compositional and melodic surgeon, Dave Richardson.

Below, Jami-EEEE!!!

Below: WTF? This cat got Healed all the way to near-flatline catatonia, LOL! Dude came in and sat down at the table that had been reserved for Andy Ebon's party (they never did show), and he looked a bit scary, so I thought 'nah, I ain't gonna challenge this unless/until Andy shows up...'

He zonked in short order. In retrospect, I think the ostensibly menacing visage was perhaps correlated with suppressing the urge to blow chunks. Where DO you get your meds, bro'? Security eventually had to come wake his butt up. It took a bit of doing.


BTW: A shout-out of props to Matty & Stella, and Danny & Antoinette for coming to hang last night.

REMINDER: Gino's comin'


Wherein BobbyG monitors the ad nauseum developments to spare you the agony.

BTW- you can now Pimp your Ride and your MySpace, but Woe Be Unto You should you opine on the air about Pimping Out Chelsea, LOL! Yeah, it was gratuitous and tasteless, right down there with Imus's "Nappy-Headed Hoes" I suppose.


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