Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank you, David Surratt and LV City Life

Wow. Great writeup. And great photo by Bill Hughes of City Life.

"...This is no mere wealth of talent. This is an embarrassment of riches..."

Most def. I knew that from the first four bars of "Just Kidding" in the fall of 2005, the first night I heard these cats.


Friends of Santa Fe, Volume 1, 'cuz I can see that I'm gonna have to do at least two to give props to everyone would might like inclusion. I'm still awaiting permission from some, and cuts from others. Volume One features our eminent musical friends
Run time is 67:40, mp3 file size is about 93 megs. (My V/O remains shaky in places. Still working without a script, winging it and trying to not step on my tongue, amid my two crazed dogs who never fail to go episodically and randomly batshit while the mic is hot.)

All of these peeps represent the most serious of A-List talent. I am blessed and humbled to now know them and to present this podcast as one small means through which to help shout them out.

Buy their music.


Email I got from Tommy:
Tuesdays starting March 11, 2008
10pm till 1am


Tommy Alvarado (currently performing with Emmy Award Winner Wayne Brady) is the founder of the Slick Willie Orchestra.

The SLICK WILLIE ORCHESTRA is an 8 piece horn driven blues and jazz group. Every member was handpicked by Tommy for his wonderful musicianship as well as his approach to this new concept in music not found in Las Vegas.

Their motto "The Blues And Nothing But The Blues" is a term used lightly when it comes to pleasing everybody’s musical pallet. SWO can perform not only the blues but jazz, funk, and latin tunes that will make you holler for more!
"Ronnie Rose was my first and only choice when I was looking for a lead vocalist" says Tommy.

"I love the way he puts his personal spin on each and every tune"

Tommy welcomes all musicians to sit in after the SWO performance.

"I want to bring back the same vibe I had at the Hurricane Bar & Grill"

So come on in and join us for the debut of the coolest and baddest band in Las Vegas.

Every Tuesday starting March 11th , 2008 from 10 pm till 1 am. Slick Willie Orchestra will be performing at Just Jazz. Location: 1000 E. sahara Ave. #105, Las Vegas, NV 89104, 702.650.0432

To hear and see a photo of Slick Willie please visit our site.

Or contact Tommy Alvarado for more info:

Phone: 702 501-6104

Another scary young guitar cat (appearing in Tommy's SWO, btw). Matt is now at Bellagio with "Replay" in the Fontana Bar, Mon - Thurs, 5:30 - 9 pm until March 13th, then back full-time in May. Jennifer Joseph on vox; Brian Doria on tubs; Rob Graves on keys, sax, flute, harmonica, vocals; George Rucker on bass; Eddie Fluellen, keys, MD.

Below, a couple of pics from the gig that he linked me to.

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