Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feb 25th gig at The Palms

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I love it when Jerry pulls out the Flamenco. The packed house roared at "Canta Con Amigo."

We were SRO and howling tonight. Repeated standing-O's. The band was inspired and on fire. It was way cool that they dug some tunes outa the book that haven't been played in a while (the book is gettin' pretty fat). The thermonuclear arrangement of "I Feel Good" was particularly smokin'.

I will blog incrementally as I go through my shots. Tonight we were blessed with guest sit-ins by our homie the awesome Tony Davich of Phoenix (great band) and the esteemed musical giant Ricky Peterson.

Ricky sang on "Take My Heart Away" and played the synth ride -- blew the roof off the place. Tony fronted "Soul Trilogy" (and returned to get down on "System of Survival").

Some great news about Phoenix: they're gonna soon be doing Thursday nights in the main showroom at the Hilton, in addition to their Saturday nights South Point gig. Yes! I gotta go cover that. Below, the "Counselor" from Cirque's "Ka" (and Richter-scale effusive Santa Fe regular) Joerg lookin' mighty dapper. Below that, Joerg at his "day gig" (he's wearing the yellow top).

Below, Rochon tore it up tonight. Yikes!

BTW, Dave Surratt of Las Vegas City Life came down with one of his photographers (City Life Photo Editor Bill Hughes, actually) to cover the show and interview the band. Thanks, y'all, we really appreciate it.

I think they got an earful and eyeful.

Dang! those lenses. Me and my piddley-assed camera...

More shots randomly below:

Below, tight shots of the badass Brothers Johnson and Johnson.

Above, Jerry lays the room low with "Si Te Vas."

Among the many, many friends in the crowd tonight were Jerry Jones of Fifth Avenue and Steven Lee of the Steven Lee Group. I will be featuring these awesome groups on my upcoming podcasts providing you cuts by "Friends of Santa Fe." I am gonna have a great time putting those together. We have an incredible lineup. Stay tuned.


Yoeski, Bobby,

We are up to our eyeballs in a new shipment of DVDs! To free up space in the warehouse, we released two axes from my collection today. If you know anyone looking for a super high quality archtop, these are top of the line.


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Tony Perry and his fine band have ended their run at Paris, sadly.

These are some really nice, talented people. I would love to hear Tony sit in with Santa Fe sometime. Cat sings so fine (click his name for his website link, which contains an embedded mp3 sample). Hope they cop a new venue soon. I'll let'cha know.

Also, I saw our bro' bassist Eddie DiMarino at the Palms gig Monday night (link here to a gig he did with Kelly Clinton last year). He's available right now if you need an A-List cat on bass.


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These cats, LOL!!


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