Monday, February 18, 2008

Santa Fe podcast #3 - Here Come The Fat City Horns!

UPDATE: Bette Midler quote of the day-
"And the best part is, not one of them is a French Canadian circus performer."

Podcast number 3 now up for your listening pleasure.

Again, we gotta say an effusive thanks to Jerry Fink of the Las Vegas Sun for that killer full-page write-up today on the FCH.

Below, I'll re-post the YouTube clip from Bette Midler and our guys on Oprah a couple of weeks ago. We all hope the show is a totally wild success.

Also, let me re-post a quick iMovie clip I did a while back concerning our Nathan Tanouye. As I wrote on the YouTube copy:
Nathan Tanouye is the trombonist and an arranger (along with the equally fabulous Dave Richardson) with Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns of Las Vegas. This is the first 75 seconds of his tune "Crossings" from his Russ Freeman project CD. When I first heard it, I could not help but recall imagery from "Saving Private Ryan," so I put this together quickly in iMovie to make my point. This cat should be scoring films.

I simply grabbed some WWII jpegs off the 'net, and added a few from my 2004 UK/France trip (where we went to the D-Day stuff out in Normandy) and a few of my parents.

You can buy the "Crossings" CD here. It is off-the-scale fine.

Dave Richardson and Nathan Tanouye. Man, we have it all!


Gino Vannelli is comin'.


They will be a glorious part of my upcoming blog podcast "Friends of Santa Fe."


FYI, the guitarist in Bette's show is 2004 Grammy winner Wayne Johnson. Yikes! A bit of his stellar rap sheet:
Since the late '70s, Wayne Johnson has been touring and recording with the acclaimed jazz-pop-cabaret vocal group, Manhattan Transfer, all while engaging in an eclectic mix of side projects. Wayne has led his own envelope-pushing fusion-power-pop trio; worked with John Tesh, Rickie Lee Jones, and singer/harmonica player Lee Oskar (War); and recorded and performed as a solo acoustic artist. In that latter role, Johnson earned a 2004 Grammy Award for his contribution to the Solid Air Records release, Henry Mancini - Pink Guitar... (from his bio page on the Taylor Guitar site)

Break a leg tonight, y'all.


"Thirty years ago my fans were all on drugs. Today they're all on medication."


Anonymous said...

The doctor says, Take 6 Fat City Horns, 2 badd ass percussionists, 1 bass player from Eastlo, 2 keyboardists, 4 lead singers, 1 funkyass guitarist, and wear some type of rain suit, give it all about 2 and a half hours, and you will be relieved of pain. You may need some Tylenol when it's over but the real source of your pain will be gone!

Dr. Lenny the Lopez

BobbyG said...

Second opinion here from Dr. Bobby. I totally concur (nods head in clinically solemn approval). LOL!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I would consider is to wear sume sun screen if you sit too close to The Fat City Horns!

Dr. Lenny the Lopez