Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday update from the First Ecumenical Church of Fat City Grease and Salsa

First, Ric and Jackie have had the awesome Patrick Lamb on today as a guest on their wonderful 97.1 FM Sunday Jazz Show. Patrick is the nicest cat, and a fine, fine talent.

He's got a very hip Tribute to Ray Charles project happenin' these days.

Link to a very cool podcast of this project here. I hope this thing is a wild success.

Back last May, while I was down in Florida doin' my ongoing Next-of-Kin schtick, Dave Siekfes copped some video of Patrick sittin' in with Santa Fe. Click here for that blog post (scroll down).


LOL! OK, yeah, mixing my metaphors. Hey, it's Sunday. On the upper right of the blog page you now see a "Tip Jar" exhortation and link. I put this up the other day, and would like to thank those who immediately responded so generously. Below is a graphic I culled the other day from my Google Analytics reports for the blog.

To date we have had well in excess of 10,000 individual visitors, peeps from all around the planet. My goal is to ramp that up by a factor of 10 this year, and to provide the best in comprehensive blog coverage -- all the way to live blogging with video webcasting (how cool would that be, 'eh?). With your help, we can get there. Just a little from everyone would go a long way. Please contribute.


Guitar player critical mass at the Palazzo. Dave Hart just sent me this pic (caption by Dave).

"Left to right: Incredible Drew Zingg (Steely Dan, etc), David Hart (yo, that's me), Allen Hinds (in town with Gino Vanelli), Nicky Moroch (in town with Ricky Peterson), and the amazing John Weidemeyer."

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