Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mid-week updates

First, an FYI reminder that Santa Fe will not be playing Monday night the 18th at The Palms.

Also, Ronnie Foster and his band Funk's Way will not be at the Ice House tonight. Our bro' Michael Grimm, on the other hand, is appearing at The Orleans this week. And, John Wedemeyer (along with Ronnie Foster, Tim Scott, and Jimmy Keegan) continue to throw down in the Salute Lounge at Palazzo on the Strip.

Also FYI, blog podcast #3 is underway. I thought I'd focus on our Fat City Horns as they get ready to launch on Feb 20th with Bette Midler at Caesar's.


Podcast #4 will be a show featuring a number of the many "friends of Santa Fe" for whom I have available CD cuts and the artists' assent to use them. I will likely end up having to do more than one -- I have so much material with which to work. Currently on board:
  • Tommy Alvarado
  • Bill Champlin
  • Tom Schuman (Spyro Gyra)
  • Michael Grimm
  • Fifth Avenue
  • Robert Conti
  • St. Paul Peterson
  • Michael Ruff
  • Steven Lee Group
  • Ronnie and Mike Gutierrez
I have emails out to others asking permission, and I've asked our bro' John Wedemeyer to get me something to use. Stay tuned. Gonna be great fun.

Click here for Podcasts Number One or Number Two if you're not yet hip to them.


As I promised him, I have begun work on Rochon's website. The above is a quick draft homepage pic I did from a shot I took Monday night. I yanked the chroma and "vasoline'd" the edges (back before digital, film photographers would sometimes smear petroleum jelly around the perimeter of their UV lense filters to obtain that gauzy effect).

I hope to have content pages up in a week or so.


When discovering that there are just thousands of artists that are making the most incredible music on earth but with one problem -- their music is never promoted to a big audience because of the lack of a multimillion dollar advertising campaign to back them up, we thought it was time to do something about this. That's how was born. We want to become a music portal for artists, record companies, promotors and fans. As an artist you can promote your work through reviews, artist features, etc. As a fan you will have a new way to discover great music and win goodies from time to time. That's what is all about. Momentarily our website introduction page is online untill the 29th of february. If you're into good music, feel free to sign up for our NEWSLETTER. In this way you'll be the first to know about great deals, new artists, contests etc. this is all about the passion for good music.

Check it out.

BTW- these cats are affiliated with Antwerp Harbour Jazz and Soul Festival. Very cool. I will be following up on all of this. Would love to take the band over there. Antwerp would never be the same.

I've also now registered with their affiliated web radio station, have it streaming right now as I write this.


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