Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feb 4th Palms gig

Hello SFFCH fans!

I apologize for the odd post that was up for about 5 hours earlier Monday afternoon. Bobby, I’m not trying to abuse the almighty “talking stick” that is access to the site’s back-end. I had decided an update was necessary for my Blogger account knowing my name would show up here, and figured it best not to look like a complete schmuck. Mission: failed. LOL!

I am so stoked to be filling in for BGladd, I’ve been frequenting the SFFCH “scene” for a long time now and been scoping the blog for ‘bout as long. Hey, Bobby’s better half,Cheryl, just walked in. I just had to go say hi, after all she is about the sweetest person I’ve ever met. Don’t worry Bobby, you’re nice too. You must know, I did NOT take pictures last night. I will apologize now for that. The pics below are old shots I pulled from earlier dates here on the blog.

Rochon just walked past with who I hear is his brother, maybe our regular provider can give us more information on that later. Here is a quick run-down of the gig last night.

The night was slammed with some serious go-home-and-burn-your-gear-because-you’ll-never-be-good-enough chops from everyone that took a turn! Not to mention the band as a whole was having one of their “good” nights…with is equivalent to the best music in Vegas. Wait, it is the best music in Vegas!

During the E.W.F. Medley I decided that we need to get a budget going to hire a fan to stand off to the side and maintain the natural jaw-dropped stare one gets while watching Pepe, monster on the drums.

Hey, where the hell is Lenny?? Don’t get me wrong, Jamie busts out Brother to Brother like nobody’s business, but there is a tiny pit in the SFFCH soul and Lenny needs to come fill it.

Also, Michito Sanchez came up for Negrita and slapped out a spicy solo on da congas. Too cool for words, man!

Come Together was busted out after a long stint on the back-burner, good thing too, if they’d waited any longer I’m certain there would have been some heads exploding in the crowd when Roch lit up the laureate laydown that’s the intro. And Jerry needs to be committed, man! His fingers ‘bout caught fire and burned the whole joint down last night. The man is fast when he wants to be, and always speaks so well to the song he is playing over. Good job and thank you, Jerry.

Nathan Tanouye laid it down with some speedy jazz tones that were soft enough to brush up against all night. The Dueling Trumpets return with something to prove, maybe they want us to know that they may have left us for Bete, but they still love us! I’d like to believe that. Yay for trumpet, trumpet for yay!

There is something about Dave Stambaugh that gets the entire room, stage and all, smiling and bobbin’ their heads. The cat plays from the inside out, the notes originate from the center of his soul and end up wafting out the bell of his sax contorting his every fiber while doing so.

I've go to do some work now, I'll try to post some more in a couple of hours. Bobby and I talked about a Best of 2007 but I did not have time to pull all the great guest artist we had in '07, but I'll throw some up anyways in a few.

It's been great!

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BobbyG said...

Thanks for doing all this, Dustin. Props, dude! I'll be back on it next Monday. In the interim, give us whatever thoughts you got time for. I hate to miss a single night of these cats.