Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday August 11th gig at The Palms

Jerry will be on time tonight, no Wayne Brady show this evening. Band starts at 10:30 pm, no cover, no minimum as always. Join us for another great show. Let The Healing Begin...


OK, it's almost 3:15 a.m., the gig was a total blow-out tonight, and it seemed like no one wanted to leave, so most of us just hung out, talkin' and diggin' the afterglow. I had glorious conversations with a number of peeps, including Bill Churchville of the new Herman Matthews & Friends band (whom I reported on Saturday night). I have a ton of stills to weed through, and one AVI video clip which is uploading to YouTube at the moment. I may have to finish this tomorrow. I'll go as long as I can. Got a lot to recount.

The unrelentingly fabulous MOSAIC came to hang and again sit in. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Yeah, man. Artistic royalty. Click here to re-visit their arts benefit gig I covered recently. We absolutely love these cats.


I put my still camera in movie mode, standin' up on the riser next to Pepe. I did this specifically for one of our regular out-of-town blog readers who's been on my case to give him a taste. Done, wimpy audio and all. The opener, "Hornz, Stand Up."


I'm runnin' outa steam here, almost 4 a.m., gonna upload some shots, will add commentary and more photos tomorrow.

Below: Richie Rodriguez sittin' in on percussion.

Below, Andy Ebon again ascends to his rightful throne on The Seat of Funk (he remained seated for all of three seconds, whereupon he was subsequently compelled to throw down his funky moves).

Dr. Lenny The Lopez in the House!!! Lenny absolutely put the crush on "Brother to Brother" and "Ain't That Peculiar?"

Below: Howard Arthur in the house!!!

Howard is now giggin' at the Paris, Thursdays thru Mondays.

Below, at the bar after the show, left to right: didn't-get-her-name, Joey Finger, Billy Peterson (of the insanely talented Minneapolis Peterson Family), and Howard Arthur.


More pics...

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Anonymous said...

U rock Bobby. The shots are incredible! Thanks for the support, bro!
much luv,
Troy from Mosaic