Thursday, December 17, 2009

See y'all Monday

Blog will be dark 'til Monday. I'm on my way to Walnut Creek this morning. Saturday I will visit my long-lost friend, former Tower of Power lead songer Rick Stevens over in Ione. Tomorrow I will reunite with another surviving member of our late '60's SF band, drummer Fred Abruzzo, and Gail Simon, widow of our bassist Jose Simon. The other surviving member, Mike Carabello (who went on to Santana) has been in town (SF) this week, but had to go back to CT where he now lives, so I will not get to see him.

Props to my son Nick for house/dog/cat sitting. Cheryl and I will be back Sunday night.

Upcoming weekend quick notes: Busy at Bugsys (Sahara & Jones): Friday night, Rick Arroyo, 8:30 pm, and Sunday afternoon at 2 pm, Alex Jackson apears with a big band run by trombonist Matt Johnson and Garry Hypes, featuring resident vocalist Michaelina Bellamy.

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