Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 14th gig at The Palms

Slammin' gig tonight, man. The crowd was awesome! It was a Healing Feedback Loop all night from the first tune to the last.

Above: Dr. Lenny once again scorched "Brother to Brother."

OK, that was a quick initial upload tease, while I continue to look through my shot stash from the night. More to come...

Michael Anthony Henegan in the house!

I have majorly dug this cat since the first time I heard him play (he was doin' a gig with Adrian at a westside Greek restaurant owned by a friend of Cheryl and I). He just got back into town from a cruise ship tour over in the Mediterranean (poor baby). Jerry got him up to play on "System of Survival" to end the show. It was great.

Michael is a major league badass across a breadth of genres (btw, in addition to his guitar artistry, he's a fine bassist too). Particularly adept in the Earl Klugh / Benson-ish idiom. Check out his MySpace cuts. Bro', you gotta be on my next "Friends of Santa Fe" podcast.

More to come. I gotta go fetch my microwave chow, it's beepin'. Stay tuned.


Above, Rochon thoroughly nuked a bass ride in "Higher Ground."

Below, Tyriq went off into Stevie Wonder mode. I kept hearin' in my head Eddie Murphy on SNL long ago: "Hey, Brothers get pissed when ya do Stevie..." LOL!

Tyriq also sang the only tune they did from the new CD, "Love Jungle."

Other songs of note from the set list: "Come With Me," "Rosanna," "Ev'rybody Wants to Love You," "Take My Heart Away, "Soul Trilogy," "Munequita," "Use Me Up."

Above, Jamie throwin' down a great synth ride in "Take My Heart Away."

Above, monster cat Bill Zappia subbing for Dave on keys. Below, "Michito in the House!"

OK, 4 a.m. Is that adequate for a gig update?

Thank you ALL for coming out tonight. Without you, we are nothing.


I have had to suspend taking non- U.S. orders for both the new Santa Fe CD and the Christmas CD. All foreign orders now have to have a paper customs form filled out and attached, and have to be manually transacted at the post office counter. I have several prepped to ship, but tried to go to the post office three times yesterday, and could not get into the parking lot. I just don't have the time. CD Baby is now accepting orders for our new CD, and they are better set up to process offshore orders. We will also be selling it in the EU (and elsewhere) via Strokeland Records.

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