Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Nov 30th gig at The Palms - CD release party!

Abbreviated post-gig report tonight. I gotta have Cheryl at the airport at 7:30 am for her return trip to Walnut Creek (after which she leaves for Japan Saturday). The guys played every song on the new CD tonight (plus "Esta Noche" and "Soul Trilogy"). Thanks to all of you who bought the new CD. I just know you're gonna love it.

Let me post some keeper shots
(from my stash of 133 for the night) before I gotta crash for a few hours.

I was a bit surprised: the crowd was a little light tonight. Was hoping for a crush of peeps. They got a good show, though. You could tell that cats were glad to be back together after a 4-week hiatus. I sure dug it.

Hate to cut my post-gig blog post short, but, in addition to ferrying Cheryl to McCarran, I also have a big pile of CD pre-orders that I promised people I would expedite, so I got a big mail run to do tomorrow as well.

Stay tuned...

New location opens today (Dec 1st). Take S. Eastern from the 215 south to Horizon Ridge, hang a left (heading east), it's on the right down just a little ways on the hill south of Horizon Ridge, 645 Carnegie St (click for Google map).


I have not been able to get to continuing my report on Monday night's gig yet 'cause I've been slammed since yesterday with a deluge of order processing for the new CD. I 'm on my way to the post office right now to get all my overseas orders out (you now have to fill out a paper Customs Declaration form for those and take 'em to the counter). All of the domestic U.S. orders went out yesterday (except for those that just arrived; those are going out today along with my Canadian and European orders).

- BG


A heads-up from our bro' Raoul.

East Bay Soul’s CD release party will be December 5th, for their debut self titled CD, “East Bay Soul”. The party will be held at Spaghettini Jazz Club in Seal Beach CA, and it starts at 8PM. You can call ahead for reservations at: 562-596-2199...


$500 Special Effects

"Just when James Cameron is about to debut a $300 Million Movie, Avatar, a Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez comes out with a short film made for $500 about a robot attack on Montevideo..."


Also, (this is way funny): yo, Rookie, ya don't put the stickup note where the bank robbery suspect can get to it.


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