Monday, December 07, 2009

When the curtain goes up, Dec 7th...

Gonna be another slamfest tonight, no doubt. Please join us. Free show as always. 10:30 pm in The Lounge at The Palms.

I have been slammed all week shipping the new CD, btw. My inveterate, compulsive adjectivist "review" of this new project, LOL:
"A shimmering panchromatic aurora borealis of stratospheric vocal harmonies atop a Richter Scale-shattering, exquisitely rumbling temblor of irresistibly thundering, swinging funk, all of it embellished by a screaming Swiss Watch of a horn section surely on loan from a distant, more highly evolved planet."

Come get your copy tonight, Save the shipping cost. Pick up one of these while you're at it. The finest Christmas CD ever recorded, produced by our Lenny Lopez and Dave Richardson (only $10).



I really dig the way Tony plays, and he has a great lineup here!



My Ma yesterday at the house. My short bus dog, Jaco, loves her. He stays right by her side the whole time, LOL!

Above, dusk, we prep to return to the facility. I'm gettin' this van transfer thingy down pretty well. Takes me now maybe 3 minutes to load her in and lock her down in her wheelchair.

"...are we almost there yet?...yeah, Ma, just a few more minutes..."

Below on the left, Ma in 1944 on her wedding day. That's her sister Edna on the right. My Aunt Edna is now 86. I've not seen her since I was in high school. She's coming out to Vegas for her sister's 88th birthday (Jan 18th). I sent her some pics of Mom, and she felt compelled to make what will be an arduous trip (she's still ambulatory, but not by all that much).

She wants to come hear the band, too! Edna was a USO performer during WWII, traveled all over entertaining the troops. She's a pistol.

This will be a very cool visit. Edna, you gotta bring pictures and news clippings.


Roll Tide. Oh, the Joy in Anderson! (and, in Okinawa, where it's now 4:39 a.m. Tuesday, where my sweetie is this week).

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