Wednesday, December 09, 2009

OK, I'm buyin' THIS as soon as it's released. Wow.

Also, the JARzone "Scene 29" CD is a major MoFo. Buy it today if you don't already own it.

BTW: Go to my Podcast #10 to hear all of Jay's solos on "Scene 29". Cat makes ya wanna burn your axe.


Bad Boy Ellis Hall will be sitting in with the Lon Bronson All Star Band tonight at Green Valley Ranch, 9 pm, free show. I'd planned to go, but I woke up pukin' at about 2 this morning. Think I have some gastro bug, dang it! Feel like I got run over by a truck.

Goin' back to bed.


I been in the sack for like 36 hours, ugh. Obviously a gastrointestinal virus. Feeling OK now, marginally.

Wonderful singer, Diane is. Great person too!

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