Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dec 7th gig at The Palms, post-gig report

Dave Stambaugh in the house! Subbing for Phil Wigfall tonight.

We had dueling trumpets tonight, which was awesome as always, but I gotta tell you, I'd love to witness dueling altos one night - Stambaugh and Wigfall throwin' down, workin' off each other. Maybe add Brandon Fields and Rocco Barbato to the mix, LOL, and the room would explode, having reached melodic critical mass.

Hey! I know! We could call it "The Las Vegas Altos"

Danny Falcone and Gil Kaupp. Dueling trumpets. They got a huge roar from the crowd, they ripped it up so fine. Wow, man...

Below, the relentless attack of the Lopez Brothers...

Below, Nathan Tanouye, Bad to the 'bone...

More to come, stay tuned. 2:41 a.m., let me post this first installment...

Interesting set list tonight. Legacy tunes, nothing from the new CD at all. Give 'em a rest. IIRC, it went something like this:
  • Just Kidding
  • Earth, Wind, & Fire Medley
  • Negrita
  • I Feel Good
  • You Don't Know Me
  • Oh, Nena
  • Ev'rybody Wants To Love You
  • Come Together
  • San Diego
  • Soul Trilogy
  • Living For The City
The energy level and tightness were as good as ever. Thought we were gonna be kinda slow at first, but the crowd grew nicely in size and enthusiasm. A great hang.

More scenes from a great gig...

Above, Cirque "Ka" star Joerg prepares to launch!

Above, Serena Henry (Smoky Robinson, Gladys Knight) came to hang. Also in the house tonight, the esteemed guitarist / steel guitarist Buzz Evans.

Thank you all for coming out tonight! We'll do it again next Monday.

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mickijay said...

I was sure it was me in the front row, smiling and smiling. I've got some brief reviews...just my thoughts on the new album.
#1...Curtain Goes Up...wonderful harmony, exciting rangement that builds and builds. Horns & guitar work together well, vocals/verbals great together.
#2...Indian Summer...sounds Cirque's. Davich has a scruffy romantic voice. Rangement is familiar sounding, guitar work & harmony so good.
#3...Greazy...Terrifically different, horns & base...Lenny is outstanding. Very danceable.
#4...Site Vas...moody, sensual, good to hear espanol. Romantic.
#5...Light...Lenny is great..rangemnt is happy & rhythmic.
#6...Sun...percussion great. the synthisyzer builds...bass very Asian. Quite an exciting tune.
#7...Jungle..Terique's voice is so good.
#8...This time...Jamie is romantic and sensual. Hot.
#9...W.W...Oh boy! Finally, Funk! Great! My fav.
#10..Pack...More Funk! Ooooh yea! The best. Love Lenny when he get's down.