Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas week gig at The Palms

Tonight, 10:30 pm in The Lounge at The Palms, another slammin' free show. Be there. It may be your last chance. An email blast from Jerry:
As of this mailing, it is unsure if we are going to continue playing at the Palms in 2010. There have been some changes in the casino that may bring our long run to a close. Don't worry, we will find somewhere to continue the healings, we'll keep you posted. Please continue to check the website and blog for updates.

Like everywhere else in Vegas, cost-cutting is the M.O. So, we're on tonight, and perhaps next Monday, but that may well be the end. Jerry continues:
WE have decided to make 2010 the year that "the curtain goes up" on everything this band is about and stands for. We will be doing everything in our power to take the band to other cities, states, venues, and bring our healing to as many people as possible. Look for us.

ALSO: put this on your calendar. Lenny, Jamie, Gabriel, Tim Scott and I are going to be performing Wednesday night January 6th at 10:00 at the BOOTLEGGER in Las Vegas. We're going to be performing all of the music from "Negrita" the solo CD Jamie and I co-wrote and produced in 2001. All original music, much of it never performed live before. If this works out, we'll be doing more, but this is an experiment we hope works out so that we have another opportunity to perform original music for all of you.

Tell EVERYONE to come out tonight.

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