Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lenny, Enrique, and David Van Such at The Bootlegger

Tell ya what: you really gotta hear Lenny Lopez sing in a small format venue to fully appreciate his Himalayan Range vocal talent. Jeeez...

While that is not exactly news to me, it is always like new.

Scenes from a hang...

I really dig my bro' Enrique Corro on guitar. Majorly tasty player. Enrique is with the Terry Fator show now, after a long stint with The Scintas.

David Van Such is hard to shoot in crappy lighting, he's so kinetic.

They were very warmly received, and deservedly so. Gratifying to witness.
Jimmy Hopper sat in on piano and vocal too and did a few tunes. Very cool. Fun evening.

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