Saturday, May 02, 2009

May 2nd, the Bonkerz Room at Palace Station

Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns return to Palace Station. It used to be called the "Sound Trax Lounge," but it's now the "Bonkerz Comedy Club." Midnight show, no cover, no minimum. If you can't stay out late on Monday nights, this is especially for you. Join us.


Nothin' like a little pro lighting, and someone to run it. Thanks, Lauren.

Yesterday was a long day for everyone. We all came to the lounge at 4 pm to scope things out and set the stage up and try to get a sound setup wired in. Then they had to strike to stage by 6:30 pm, to make way for the comic headliner. His show ended at 11:15, whereupon there was a scramble to move stuff in, reset the room, set the stage back up, and get sound levels. There were numerous patching problems. But, once underway after a bit of delay, Sonny got the mix zoned in about half of the first tune. Cat is good. Really good.

Abe LaMarca made his debut as a regular for the Saturday night gig. He was all over it.

Abe jumped all over Tower of Power's "What Is Hip." It smoked.

Also on the Saturday gig as a regular is our friend Michael Gonzales, a regular sub for Jamie (His steady gig of late is the Gordie Brown show at the Nugget. I saw that show Thursday night, it was great.)

I gotta say, I was disappointed with the turnout. I was hoping and expecting that we'd be jammed. Nope. Not gonna be a gimme, we're gonna have to actively promote it relentlessly ourselves. I didn't see any ad posters on the property anywhere (I walked all around the casino just to see), and Santa Fe was not listed on the Marquee. And, notwithstanding the earlier Palace Station press release, I didn't see anything in the papers last week.

Dave Phillipus again subbed for Nathan on trombone.

Above, Jerry nails "Si Te Vas."

Gotta give a props shout-out to the Palace Station crew
. They could not have been nicer or more helpful.

See y'all Monday night at The Palms.