Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday May 16th gigs

First, I went to see Michael Grimm at Green Valley Ranch before heading out later to Palace Station for the Santa Fe midnight show, in part because Tyriq was sitting in with the cats.

Jim Buck was on guitar. Cat plays his bootie off and sings about as good as Michael!

More to come. Lotta Palace Station shots to review and upload...

Another tough night getting set up comfortably. The comedy show ends at 11:15, and the band is scheduled to start by 12:15. Imagine having to move in and set up all that gear, and then mic up and patch in all the lines for a 15 piece band and sound-check/balance it all on the fly in an hour (vocal mics, drums/instrument mics, instrument lines, monitor sends, etc). There were some persistent feedback gremlins for a while. Ugh.


Jerry sent me this email. Made me hungry. I'm goin' tomorrow, LOL!

Ok, I NEVER recommend food, because other than my native New Mexican food, I'm pretty easy to please. BUT, yesterday quite by accident I found a little place called Carlitos Burritos (New Mexican Cuisine) hiding behind the Sonic drive In at 3345 E. Patrick Ln Suite 105 Las Vegas NV 89120. Met the owner David Samuels, and found out he is from Los Alamos up North of Santa Fe.

As usual I am very very skeptical about any food claiming to be N.M. cuisine, because it has never happened here before (at least not for long). When The Maloofs first brought Gardunos restaurants from Albuquerque to their first casino, the food was authentic, but I guess they had to adjust and tone it down over time to appeal to people that thought New Mexican food was Mexican food.

Anyway, I went there yesterday to test the waters, had a Stuffed Sopapilla with Carne Adovada, Red Chile, beans and rice. If a restaurant can pull this off with REAL New Mexico chile,. then it really is NM cuisine. Passed with flying colors. The red chile wasn't as hot as I usually like it, but the flavor was undeniable.

Went back today with one of my daughters (who by the way makes sopapillas and tortillas from scratch), and she ordered the green chile chicken enchiladas, and I ordered the red chile cheese enchiladas and I asked for a little cup with Posole, and another with their green chile. I knew that if the enchiladas were real, and if the posole and green chile were real, then this place was my new home away from home.

It was all really good. Very authentic and a pleasant surprise!! Most of us New Mexicans have a private stock of red and green chile and have to do our own cooking to get food like mom makes (or used to make), and if you're like me, its too time consuming so I settle for Mexican food or whatever. Not that good Mexican food is bad, I love it! but New Mexican chile is the main difference in the cooking and its hard to find.

Anyway, I wanted to put the word out about this new little place and the great food they serve. Us New Mexicans have a very hard time finding our native food and if we can support this, it might stick around!



8:30 pm, with Enrique Corro and David Van Such. I'll be there.


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