Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 25th gig at The Palms

A most interesting and totally wonderful evening. John Wedemeyer guest opening on guitar for Jerry, Russ McKinnon guest opening on drums for Pepe, Michael Gonzales opening for Dave on Keys, Michito Sanchez subbing for Gabe on percussion, Chris Gray subbing for Danny on trumpet, Glenn Colby subbing for Gil on trumpet, For Rochon, Ian Martin subbing on bass for four tunes, followed by Keith Nelson subbing on bass for four more, followed by Blaise Sison subbing on bass to take it home.

So, Jerry finally gets there, steps up to the mic: "So, what time does Santa Fe start"?
Are they here tonight?

This was way cool. First, while props are in order all the way around, I gotta give a special shout to Chris Gray. This young man is in the Barry Manilow orchestra along with Ian, and told me backstage prior to the show that he'd just planned to come down because Ian was subbing, and that he'd called Danny and asked if he might get a chance to sit in.

'Can ya sub for me, bro'? Just read the book, cold.'

Stones, man. Cat was all over it all night. That is pure professionalism.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the evening's bass triumvirate, Ian, Keith, and Blaise.

Below, Russ McKinnon on tubs. Formerly of Tower of Power. One serious Bad Boy.

Russ opened reading the "Just Kidding" chart. Then, they went slammin' into "Tower's "What is Hip?" I leaned over to Cheryl (yeah, she's home, ever so briefly) and said "the drummer cat; you notice he's not reading anything. He's a former Tower of Power drummer."

It reamed. Awesome.

Below, John Wedemeyer opening on guitar (he would later close on "System of Survival" with a ripping ride that brought the house to their feet).

What can you say? Other than 'sit back and enjoy to complete amazement.'

I gotta crash. Tired. More after some Zzzz's, but for now a few more random pics.


More shots...

Another great crowd. Thanks to everyone for comin' to hang. Hope to see y'all Saturday night at Palace Station.


These just surfaced on YouTube. Wow.


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