Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 18th gig at The Palms

A totally slammin' show tonight! great crowd, and the band was totally into it. We again had to stall for a bit of time while Dave and Pepe made it over from their "Lion King" gig. Michael Gonzales (who is now our Saturday night Palace Station regular, covering for Jamie) came to fill in on keys, and Gabe again stepped up on the kit.

I always dug the hell out of Gabriel on the trap set when he was giggin' with Ronnie Foster. He is certainly equal to this task. Gotta love it.

Musical guests tonight: First, Rachel Eckroth on keyboard, whom I was not previously hip to. They brought her up on "Come Together," telling the crowd that she'd written the chart they use on this tune.

Jeez, man, the talent. Here are a few excerpts of her material.
Check out her website, buy her stuff.

Rachel, I'm gonna be calling ya to ask you to be on my next "Friends of Santa Fe" podcast. BTW, click here for Rachel's MySpace page.

Then: Brandon Fields in the House!!!

Yikes. What can you say?

Brandon and I have already talked. He'll be on the next podcast. The lineup is accruing.

OK, it's a little after 3 a.m., and I am seriously fading. Got woke up today at 6:27 a.m. by my dogs going batshit over a landscaping crew hanging around yacking next door, getting ready to throw down on my neighbor's yard. Sure enough, 7 a.m., here go the weed whackers and and leaf blowers, all morning. I never did catch up on my Zzzzz's today. If you scroll back through the last few blog posts, you'll see that I've had a busy weekend shooting and blogging. I'm just really tired right now.

So, I'm gonna upload a few more shots, and then continue after I get back up. I dumped 135 shots into iPhoto tonight, and have yet a lot to consider.

Thank you all for coming tonight!

More in a few hours...


It was nice that Jerry pulled up "Munequita" from the band's first CD. I never get tired of that tune. I particularly dig the little Salsa segue vamp that comes in at 3:00:

Carlos Santana, step aside, bro'.


More pics...

Again, props to everyone who came out. Hope to see you Saturday at Palace Station. BTW, the band starts on the new CD tomorrow. I will be at the studio for some documentary shots of what will be a lengthy and detailed process -- the upshot of which is gonna be a totally killer studio CD filled with all these cool new original songs.


Recall Jerry's recent rave about Carlito's? I went there for lunch yesterday. Highly, highly recommended. Great New Mexico cuisine, very low prices. I will be a regular.

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