Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May 4th gig at The Palms

First of all, happy birthday to Lorraine!

Without her there would be no Fat City Superstore. We really appreciate her ongoing loyal help.

Below, the Flamenco Gods smiled upon us tonight after a long hiatus. Jerry did "Canta con Amigo" specifically at Lorraine's request.

Cirque "Ka" lead actor and Numbah One Santa Fan fan Joerg was totally overcome by the Funk and simply had to throw down the kinesthetics onstage. The band was especially snappy tonight, the energy level was way high, and the crowd loved it.

Folks, don't try this at home. This man is a professional. LOL!

More shots...

No horns out front for solos tonight, so I don't have any tight shots of any of the Fat City Horns, which I always love to shoot. And the lighting on the back horn riser sux, so getting anything back there is problematic, given both the lack of light and the close quarters.

Nice crowd tonight, great enthusiasm. Thanks to all of you for comin' out. Don't forget to come to the midnight gig at Palace Station this Saturday. Below, standing between Rochon and Tyriq, KTNV's Amanda Sanchez. I did not get her friend's name. Amanda wants Jerry and some of the guys to come on her weekend show for an interview.

So, last week this young cat shows up with his bass, and tells Lenny before the show he wants to sit in with the band and jam. He was back tonight. Sat there right up front on the upper level all night with his axe.


BTW, Also this coming Saturday:

An Email from Mundo:

We are playing a Salsa de Django Cinco de Mayo Fiesta tonight at Money Plays (4755 W Flamingo Rd #G, Las Vegas NV 89103). Money Plays is Las Vegas' best beer bar and it's "wine night" as well on this Cinco de Mayo!

We regularly use Money Plays as a place to rehearse for our concerts and gigs. While we don't actively promote it many of you who have showed up to watch us there, know we call it; Mandatory Beerhearsal." Instead of rehearsing we are actually gonna have fun and play, so we are inviting everyone! We start around 9:30 pm.

Hope to see you there for our first ever Salsa de Django Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!


OK, I was gonna proudly blather on about Keenan's most recent baseball exploits. About how, despite his being only a freshman on the varsity at Henderson International, having never before played baseball, how he was leading his team in RBI's, home runs, and batting average -- at .523 -- as of this weekend...

Danielle just called me. He went 3 for 4 today. One fly out, and three home runs.

What a kid. LOL!


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