Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oct 19th gig at The Palms - Mike Miller in The House!!!

Wow. Mike Miller! This cat is so smooth. What a player!

"Mike Miller is known as a "guitarist's guitarist" and is one of the most sought-after and respected players in Los Angeles. Miller's resume includes his current stint as a member of Better Midler's all-star band in Las Vegas, Chick Corea, George Duke, Vinnie Colaiuta, Yellowjackets, Brand X, Peter Erskine, Gino Vanelli, Burton Cummings, Mark Mothersbaugh and many others. Miller is one of L.A.'s hidden gems, with the ability to play multiple styles and in almost any setting." - Tom Meek - LAJazz.com

Serious Bad Boy. Jerry had him come up for "Come Together," "Wishing Well," and "Turn Your Love Around." It was magical. His rides soared and lilted, showing repeated flashes of his heavyweight chops that were always right there at his beck and call yet elegantly subordinate to his sweeping, sensitive, creative melodic acuity.

Great crowd tonight. Thanks to all for coming out.

Much more to come. Posting incrementally, lotta shots to review...

OK, HERE WE GO AGAIN (3:35 a.m.)

Lessee, other tunes tonight included the opener "Just Kidding," the always slammin' Earth, Wind, & Fire medley, "Ain't That Peculiar?," "Salvation," "This Time," Soul Trilogy," "Come With Me," "San Diego" by request, and a thumping closeout with "We Are Nothing." It was a great performance.

More shots...

Above, hats off to Jerry's friend the esteemed Jay Perez (Grammy nominee, btw) and his bride! What totally sweet people.

Below, I hope this will work. At the end of the show, we asked the crowd to gather around the stage, and I had the cats group together for a quick band shot that might serve in the artwork for the new CD. I shot from up on the Gosse show catwalk (that we're not supposed to get on), broken camera and all.

I got a couple of donations today in the blog tip jar. I have to assume they're to help get my camera repaired. Thank you!

We're gettin' on with the CD art, and scheduling the duplication, so, not much longer, y'all. You are gonna love it, guaranteed.


I was out running errands today and heard this new NPR segment, about a NY band known as "Slavic Soul Party." Wow. How wonderfully, synergistically creative these peeps are. "Balkan Gyspy Funk Metal."

Here's the NPR segment:

Pretty hip stuff. Playahs. I'd love to see them sit in at our gig. Here's a cut from their MySpace page, "Taketron" (title cut of their new CD):


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