Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oct 12th gig at The Palms - Carlos Reyes in the House!


OK, Carlos Reyes! Yikes! This cat is totally amazing. He left the crowd stunned, delirious, euphoric, repeatedly jumping to their feet.

Lots to come. 188 shots in the can in iPhoto to triage. Stay tuned...



After flexing the band's chops with "South American Sojourn," Jerry set the tone for the evening straight away with the thundering new original "Pack It Up," followed up with "Love Is Gonna Find You," "Greazy Thing,"
Nathan's "Into The Light," and the unreal Dave Richardson tune "Si Te Vas." The band was squeaky tight and energetic all night.

Yeah, man...what a night...

More shots of our esteemed guest.

Gotta love it. Latin-Funk harpist (Jerry had him stay up and play on "Negrita") and badass jazz violinist. Funny dude on the mic, too. Lenny met his match tonight. Really, really nice cat, too.

Thakns to everyone who came out to hang tonight. Without you, we are nothing.

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