Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tyriq and Lenny with Michael Grimm at GVR

OK, yesterday I broke my friggin' camera, accidentally dropped it in the parking lot of my grandson's high school while going to his homecoming celebration and football game.

Had to shoot with my old Fuji.

Notwithstanding that I am now so expensively screwed (the extended warranty I'd bought just ran out 2 weeks ago, and, they've already discontinued my Sony Alpha 350 model), I will not be deterred. My shutter mechanism is broken, inoperative (but the camera is otherwise still working). So, I cut down a nail of acceptable dimension, and stuck it in place for now in the shutter cylinder (it works!), while I get ready to ship the camera body out for retail repair ( I found a refurb A350 body online at Amazon and ordered it). Kludge fix, but a fix nonetheless. is havin' upload bugs tonight. More tomorrow, got a lot of good shots tonight. Stay tuned...


I have more, busted shutter & all, but that's all I've time for now.

BTW, Tonight I'm gonna go cover Bill Fayne's show at The Bootlegger (8:30 pm). I don't have any good shot of him. Fixin' to rectify that. They're billing it as "Bill Fayne and Friends." Oughta be very interesting and very good.


Met this nice cat last night at Michael's gig, Dean Simmons. Does a Garth Brooks tribute show.

Click his name, check out his website. Nicely done.

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Dean said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out Bobby!!