Friday, October 30, 2009

Dr. Lenny with David Van Such at Sam's Town

So, I get home from hangin' with my Ma at the nursing home, pour a Johnny Walker Black, log in, check my email...the phone rings. It's Lenny. Giggin' at Sam's Town tonight, a Smooth Jazz 105.7-The Oasis gig. Whatever, bro', thanks for the lead time, duh. So, I guess I'll be the last to know, LOL. I'll be there, gimme a few minutes (for you; not that 105.7 ever gives us the time of day, notwithstanding multiple attempts to make nice).

Y'all sounded great.

Tomorrow night. Michael Grimm at Green Valley Ranch, his final show there. 7 pm. Be there. Maybe I'll again get up and sing "Dixie Chicken" while shooting pics.

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