Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 26th gig at The Palms

Yet another great crowd! We are so grateful to have you all coming out to hang. The Lounge was electric, and packed up tight. Very cool.

Along with covers and older originals (e.g., "South American Sojourn," "Higher Ground," "Come Back Home," Soul Trilogy," "Brother to Brother," "Use Me Up," "Living For The City"), four cuts from the upcoming CD tonight: "Pack It Up," "Indian Summer Day," "Love Jungle," and "When The Curtain Goes Up." Bill Champlin was sittin' at my table, and he was sure diggin' it all.

Interesting show tonight, Jerry, Jamie, and Rochon had been in rehearsals all day with Bill and Tamara (and Eddie Garcia on drums) starting at 10 a.m., until Rochon had to split to go do Donny & Marie at about 6. They were all very tired, but managed to ramp it up anyway.

More scenes from a hang...

Below, Dr. Lenny with my Cheryl. She had a great time. I am lovin' havin' her home for a few days.

The new CD...soon, my friends, soon...

Some of the tunes are fixin' to be up on Raoul's HornDrivenRadio.com on Wednesday, btw.


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