Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bill Fayne and Friends at The Bootlegger

A quick, fun jaunt over to The Bootlegger (5 minutes from my house) after hangin' with Ma at the nursing home.

I bumped into Clint. He asked "what're you doin' here tonight?" I said "I told Bill I would come. I don't have any good shots of him." He replied "You can't get any good shots of him."

(LOL! These cats go all the way back to college together, and are the best of friends, understand.)

Clint's sister Gail introduced Bill and sang a tune. I really like her, she is so sweet. Gotta say, I miss the Clint Holmes Show.

A few more shots. It was a quick trip, I had to come back to the house and give Max (my cat) his insulin injection.

He did this funny schtick, saying he was gonna do a number of duets, the first of which would be him posing alternatively as Frank Sinatra and Pavarotti in the same song. Very cool.

I did not get the names of either the violinist or harpist. They were both very good.

See y'all tomorrow night at The Palms.

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