Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Nov 2nd gig at the Palms -- we pre-launch the Bichin Tour

Getting a really late start blogging. After the Champlin set, Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns played 'til about 1:10 a.m. And, then, no one wanted to leave, it had been such a powerful show. This post may have to bleed over until after some crash time.

Bill and the band simply walked out and started right into a tune. They did a fine set. Once they all get thoroughly comfortable with all of the material (lots of eyes glued to music stands tonight) and can loosen up and stretch, it is gonna be truly glorious. The west coast tour audiences are in for a great time.

Much more to come. I've shot a ton of pictures today, gonna take a while to go through everything for the keepers.

Brandon Fields sat in on sax during the Santa Fe set, as did Chalo Eduardo and A.B. on percussion.


First, Tyriq. Man, that lid! Lenny joked that he wanted to pop popcorn in it, LOL...

OK, JL, what's up with that scowl, bro'? And, you're gonna have to refresh my memory regarding these cats. Just too many people last night.

Brother Bill, we all hope the tour is a crushing success. I'd go to every show if I could.
  • Nov 6, 8:00P The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, California
  • Nov 7, 8:00P Anthology, San Diego, California
  • Nov 8, 7:00P Brixton South Bay, Redondo Beach, California
  • Nov 10, 8:00P Moe’s Alley, Santa Cruz, California
  • Nov 11, 8:00P Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley, California
  • Nov 12, 8:00P Black Oak Casino, Tuolumne, California
  • Nov 13, 8:00P Hutchins Street Square, Lodi, California
  • Nov 14, 8:00P Last Day Saloon, Santa Rosa, California
  • Nov 15, 4:00P Constable Jacks, Newcastle, California
  • Nov 19, 8:00P Jimmy Maks, Portland, Oregon
  • Nov 20, 8:00P Mukilteo Coffee Roaster, Langley, Washington
  • Nov 21, 8:00P Mukilteo Coffee Roaster, Langley, Washington
  • Nov 22, 8:00P Triple Door, Seattle, Washington


DaleSulliv said...

Beautiful shots! Wish I were out there for a couple of shows, but I'll have to settle for popping in the cd as soon as Cody gets off the air at 10. Looking forward to more. Thanks!

mary said...

Awesome pics and always a great read and blog here!!!! Thanks for the great pre tour shots of Bill and the gang and always the great shots of Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns.....can't wait to get the new CD...."When the Curtain Goes Up" mary parrotto