Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bill Champlin is comin'...

Monday Nights, the 23rd and the 30th. Gonna be wild!

BTW- One thing I learned reading stuff on Bill Champlin's message board: Bill is not real big on "Stage Door" fawning/back-slapping/glad-handing, with fans pawing all over him. Cat is just a normal dude, family man, private person who just happens to write and perform the most stunning music. So, hard as it'll be for all of us these two Mondays, let's all act with class and give Bill respect and sufficient space.

MONDAY EVENING UPDATE: check this out (below, click the image to enlarge). Jerry just sent me a scan of a page from the 944 Magazine article on the band. Yeah, man, way cool.


Update below: "White & Nerdy" music video, Weird Al

Funny stuff.

OK, how about some Tower?

Yeah, bro'...


Eugene recently gave me a copy of his CD "Mr Sponge." Extremely nice straight-ahead jazz quartet. We are so blessed with such great talent here. Below: that's Eugene on the left, at The Palms one Monday night back in September with our resident guitar genius Robert Conti (center) and eminent jazz producer Joseph Donofio (right).


Went to check out Ronnie Foster's new gig tonight at the University Patio Bar & Grill on Maryland Parkway just north of Trop (4725, directly across from Moose's, on the west side of the street). Very nice room. Now if they can only be taught to put in and run pro level lights and sound. I'm really gettin' tired of the Mickey Mouse staging at these places. Ronnie has a killer voice. Be nice to really hear it. Be nice to be able to get good shots, too (like I could at the Station properties).

The band was kickin' it. New bassist tonight -- Scott Cannady, cat from Philly with a long rap sheet, most recently Music Director for Gladys Knight. Serious, serious Bad Boy. Awesome player. He danced on his axe, he was so musical. Phil Wigfall and Drew Zingg were also throwin' down big-time, and Ronnie was bouncin' up off his stool, the hump got so good. Scott just got the book yesterday. Hard to tell.

They play from 8 to 11 pm. Good turnout tonight, enthusiastic crowd. Check it out next week.


Look what I just found on YouTube:

Yeah, man...

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