Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thank you, MOSAIC and Tamara & Bill Champlin!

OK quickly, it's 2:30 a.m., I gotta be back up at 7. Much more later, be patient with me (I've spoiled y'all). I took about 70 shots tonight. Suffice it to say for now that tonight was a whole 'nuther level. Packed, SRO room.

First of all, we weren't expecting it, but the stunning MOSAIC sat in during the first show and blew it out totally Standing-O. Then Bill and Tamara Champlin arrived right as the band launched into "Living For The City." Jerry and the guys were so pumped. Bill was soon onstage, and it ripped from there, yikes! First set lasted two hours. Also gotta give major props to brother Tyriq Johnson, who stepped up during the second show to completely kick butt on "Soul Trilogy" (and the James Brown 360 spin & splits was over-the-top fine, LOL!)

A reader emailed me to ask what tunes Bill performed while sitting in. As I recall,
he did vocals & keys on "Turn Your Love Around," "Satisfaction," "Same Old Song," "Headed for the Top," and played keys on "Soul Trilogy" and "We are Nothing." I was busy trying to get shots, and digging everything going on, so I never did write down everything he played on and I may be missing some.

Above: everyone at the end of the night. Below, Tamara Champlin, MOSAIC, Bill, and Nathan.

My man Bobby Black made a dead-on observation about Santa Fe tonight. We chatted briefly right before I split, and he said, "Y'know, I've seen these cats 30 or 40 times by now, and every time it seems like I'm hearing 'em for the first time."

Well put, Bobby. Never thought about it that way, but I totally understand and agree.

UPDATE: OK, Bobby said that my task was to come up with some way to fully express his take (wordy cat that I am). Don't really think it's necessary, bro', but here goes, little play on words...



Thanks to everyone for coming out tonight (Joey T, bro'... 'eh?). More later. It's now ten to 3, I gotta go try to sleep hard and sleep fast.

7 a.m. UPDATE

Ugh. I'm takin' next Tuesday off. What an awesome evening, it was hard to shut off my brain and get to sleep. Oh, yeah, below: Congratulations to Zack. He proposed to his squeeze during the first set. That was cool.

UPDATE: More pics from an ass-kickin' evening...

UPDATE from my man KURT

LOL!! OK, this is too funny. Do you hate telemarketer calls as much as I do? Particularly now in the election season the political campaign callers try every little trick to get around the privacy/"do-not-call" law. Cheryl gets ticked at me a lot, 'cuz I get cut-to-the-chase rude with these cats the moment I smell bullshit when I get a call. Maybe I ought try something like this. Kurt Kolstad just sent me this hilarious mp3 clip, check it out.

'NUTHER UPDATE, some stuff from my friend Steve Tuminello. First, a couple of shots he sent me, then his email -- speaks volumes.

Above: Steve and Carmine Appice of Vanilla Fudge Monday night. Below: Pappa Lopez and Bill hangin'.

Steve's email to me:

I keep thinking it just can’t get any better and The Boys top themselves ….AGAIN !!!

I told Jerry when you look up "Tight" in the Dictionary there is a picture of Jerry Lopez and Santa Fe and TFCH.

The icing on the cake for me was after 39 years running in to Carmine Appice out in the bar area. When I was 18 years old our Louisiana "Blue Eyed Soul” 8 pc Horn Band opened for The Vanilla Fudge in 1968 when they were on the top of the charts. They left for a European Tour after their show with us in my hometown of Shreveport, La. After the concert Tim Bogert-Bass Player and Mark Stein-Hammond player and Vocalist went out to a club and jammed with us in to the wee hours of the morning. Carmine went back to the hotel, but we all got together after the jam at their hotel. Carmine remembered that show after all these years. We exchanged contact info and will stay in touch. He told me The Vanilla Fudge will be re-uniting for a tour with Led Zeppelin.

Back in 1988 when I lived in Studio City Tim Bogert was told by a mutual friend that I was living in the L.A. area. He was teaching at The Guitar Institute in Hollywood and came to a party I was hosting with my friend Ruth Mc Cartney (Paul's little Sister) just to see me. We talked about that show back in 1968 and he remembered it well and especially the great jam we had after the show. The camaraderie amongst "The Brotherhood" of Musicians is amazing regardless of the variance of level of accomplishment. I am attaching photos of Tim Bogert-Bassist of The Fudge from our re-union in 1988 after 20 years and the photo of Carmine and I at The Palms Monday Night after 39 years. Also, photos with Bill Champlin including Mr. Lopez and you. I will send you a "You Tube" of The Vanilla Fudge "You keep me Hangin on" from The Ed Sullivan Show and then “Shotgun” from a TV clip.

I am sorry it's taken me a while to comment for your blog on The Alex Ligertwood and "Friends" appearance two weeks ago. You basically know from our verbal conversation that they, like everyone that hears Santa Fe regardless of their celebrity, is just blown away. Some of the comments from Alex, Brian Howe of Bad Company, Tommy Tutone and Joe Lynn Turner of Deep Purple were "This is THE best band we have ever heard in our life!!!" As I mentioned when we all got together the next day when Dave and I drove Alex and Brian back to The Hard Rock Hotel they just kept thanking us for inviting them to The Palms and kept complimenting the band. When I called Alex's wife, Shawn, the next afternoon before our meeting she said even though Alex was exhausted from very little sleep with his AM flight all he could talk about was this great band that he had seen at The Palms. As you know Shawn is an agent in Hollywood booking musical acts as well as representing Actors and others in the film industry. Bobby, I believe we will be seeing a lot more celebrities, Musicians, Actors, Sports Stars as the word spreads about this Hot Band at The "Hip" Palms Hotel. The Playboy Club will be drawing a lot of Celebs as well. I think it is the perfect venue for you guys.

It was great, as always, seeing you, Cheryl, and Danielle.

Looking forward to next week !!!

Steve Tuminello
Stephen C. Tuminello


Anonymous said...


Bobby! LMAO! You must have been punchy as hell after last night. I kept looking at the clock all night thinking... they are just taking the stage. They have to be jammin' right about now!LOVE the photo of the band with Bill, are they thrilled or what!? Can't wait to hear your review, and see some more photos. Knowing Bill's wife was there singing also is killing me! But family comes first, my first grand daughter is due any day now, so I'm not leaving home! LOL! Did they do any songs from MAYDAY? Your brain is probably fried, but we want details! I was reading your post at about 6:30am EST... you probably just about hit the sack according to you! 3 hrs difference in time here.

I was there in spirit with you and the guys! Hugs to you all!
Bette B.

BobbyG said...

Hi, Bette!!!

Yeah, I am fried today. 3 1/2 hrs sleep, after all that excitement. Got more pics to sort through. And, have to reflect some more on what I witnessed last night. I been a fan of Bill Champlin since 1968, but have never seen him live prior to last night. Jamie shot a pic of me and Bill together backstage. I will always treasure it.

It was a fantastic night. Bill & Tamara were awesome (as was MOSAIC). The band was on fire.