Friday, October 13, 2006

Updates around town

I'd be all smiles too if I were that good a player...

Oh, yeah! Went and saw Ronnie and the guys last night at Cedar's Mediterranean Grill (Durango at Twain). They were smokin'! Lineup was Phil Wigfall on soprano and alto, Gabriel Falcon on tubs, David Inamine on bass, Drew Zingg on guitar, and Ronnie. Drew ripped off some rides that woulda had Robert Conti smilin'. The awesome Phil on soprano is an extra treat, love it! David Inamine is as solid a bassist as I've ever heard (he really knows where to leave the "holes," makes the rhythm groove "breathe" wonderfully), works great together with Gabe. (Another granite player. If you haven't heard Gabriel behind the kit, you're not getting close to the full picture of this cat's major, major chops and taste).

The funky jazz was humpin' big-time last night at Cedar's. Very, very cool. BTW, Ronnie's MySpace pages are here and here (music samples available).

Above: Mundo, Jerry's Brother-in-Law and his posse, "Hot Club of Las Vegas" (click the image, a composite watercolor I made from a few shots I took). I went and heard them a couple of weeks ago. Dudes, you gotta get a CD out. I'll be buyin'. Click the link above, check out their schedule, and go support these cats. First-rate stuff you won't hear anywhere else, they really push it to the firewall. Below: A YouTube clip Mundo sent me that gives a good, concise historical context for this genre. (Note that Django played all that stuff using only two fingers. Amazing.)

Here's the link to the YouTube page Mundo sent
. It has other similar music clips. Check it out.

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