Sunday, October 01, 2006

One door closes, another opens. Thank you, Clint. Now, on to Broadway.

Last night was pure heart-fluttering magic (and I once again welled up in tears during Clint's song for his parents). A show Cheryl and I and our friends Taylor and Mark will never, ever forget. Jerry, thanks for the tickets, bro'. Clint, once you get your Broadway show up and running, we will be flying in to see you. Count on it (He's in great hands going forward: only those of the legendary Hal Prince). You are such a class act, and such an amazing talent. We now have to share you with the rest of the world. Knock their socks off. Show them what we have all been privileged to know these past half-dozen years. Below, a few scenes from the finale, starting with the Clint Holmes family, the elegant Mom and sister Gail.

I have ton of shots, I took around 70. A few turned out pretty well. I will put 'em all on a CD and give them to Clint, so consider all of these Copyright Clint Holmes 2006, All Rights Reserved.

Below: American music national treasure the esteemed Smokey Robinson and Clint embrace at the end of the show. Oh, yeah! What an evening!

PS- If you don't have a DVD copy of Clint's "A Night to Remember" PBS Special, it's a must-have. Our autographed copy came yesterday. We will always treasure it. And probably wear it out.

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