Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On fire!

The band was so ready. Pop the clutch and throw it into overdrive from the first tune. Johnny Johnson kicks it off with "Soul Trilogy." Fine, fine, fine. Follow that up with "Living For The City," one of those horn charts that Bill Champlin calls "stooooopid." Then quickly into "Rosanna" with Lenny screaming those Bobby Kimball high notes right on the money. Yikes!

Below, Jerry shines on "Come Back Home." I'm pretty happy with that shot. Below that, Jerry again on "Take My Heart Away." Jamie fried the synth solo big-time in that tune tonight.

Below: The badass Front Line. Below that, Dave Richardson -- always awesome!

I was playin' with close-ups a lot tonight. Difficult in low light, hand-held, when you're not Bobby Black. Below, Rochon and then Jamie.

Below: Pepe Jimenez shines!!

Gotta crash. The day gig thang, y'know. Editing a document for the CEO and our senior Medical Director that's bound for the Nevada Legislature (groveling for funding for statewide electronic medical records). Important and worthy stuff, I suppose. But I'd rather be hangin' late for the 2nd show and then gettin' up to hustle Santa Fe and work on my tunes.



Cholly said...

Wow! Reading your comments, and seeing the most excellent pics, it's almost like being there! (well, except for the fact we're hundreds of miles apart). But I'm there in spirit! You guys are utterly and truly amazing. What's in the water out there? Looking over your site the last few days, and listening, has brought healing to my rag-tag spirit. THANX. Don't ever take for granted your "gift" or what you mean to people. YOU TOUCH LIVES....IN A GOOD WAY. God bless and keep you safe. Cholly Milcic

BobbyG said...

Thanks, Cholly.

Water? What water? We have water here?


Yeah, the guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are great...your skills are improving with these close-up shots. Almost like I'm there.