Monday, October 09, 2006

October 9th 2006 Healing session

5:25 pm, a pre-gig FYI note: all of the tunes from the 2-disk CD are available for individual downloadable mp3 purchase here (or, just pick up a copy tonight). See ya at The Palms in a bit.

OK, wow! A great night tonight...

First show was on fire. Tight. Sound was great too from my seat, not too loud, you could clearly hear everyone. You know it's gonna be kick-ass when they start the set with the Fat City Horns doin' "Intermission," and then the band launches right into "Living for the City." And, uh, who was that over-inspired freaky chick who got tossed for being so bizarre, dancing all over the room like she was on meth and 'luudes, and comin' up to the stage repeatedly? I'm thinkin', "y'know, some institution forgot to do their nightly head count bed check..." Jeesh. I hate that she got herself tossed, she was obviously just majorly diggin' the band like the rest of us. But, yo, Little Miss Spotlight, it ain't about you. (Update: OK, Cheryl just told me that she'd pullled a quick semi-flash job, which I hadn't seen, as I was busy shooting pics. So, that's what got her tossed! Can't have any suggestive sexual displays, ahem, no, no, no. Except in the new Playboy Club upstairs.)

Whatever. I copped a few killer shots tonight (got a couple of Phil that really nailed it). Hated to leave and miss the second set.

More to come ASAP. Got a 9 am with my Medical Director at the day gig, ugh. These shots are just straight outa the camera and onto the blog using the new iMac.

7 a.m...put some extra beans in the grinder for a jolt. Below, GeLo tucked in the far corner running lights, and a couple other quick image uploads.

Oh, yeah! BTW, props to all our local music notables that came to hang. Too many to list right now, and I don't want to slight anyone by omission, but just know that we appreciate all of you (Eugene, thanks for the CD, bro', Steve & Dave, thanks for the DVDs) -- and all of the Santa Fe fans in general who continue to show up every week. Without you, we are nothing.

Gotta run.


OK, so Steve Tuminello calls me this morning to tell me that, after I cut out during intermission, Alex Ligertwood (former long-time vocalist with Santana, among other A-List credits) showed up with a couple of other cats -- from Bad Company and Deep Purple. Report is that Alex sat in and tore up. Dang! I missed that? That does it; no more leaving after the first set. Tuesdays will just have to be Red Bull Day henceforth.

Alex, recall, was onstage with David Garfield at Lake Las Vegas last Friday. Very nice cat, and a great singer. Below, pic Dave Siefkes just sent me of Alex on stage with the guys.


Running front-of-house last night, Sonny Maupin, proprietor of New World Audio, featured back in May in Mix Magazine. A bunch of us got together for a Santa Fe strategic brainstorming session Tuesday evening at Mandalay Bay. Sonny and I chatted at length afterward. Seriously spot-on dude (former musician like me). A Playah.

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