Saturday, October 07, 2006

David Garfield night at Lake Las Vegas

My bro' the awesome bassist David Inamine asked me to come out to the 105.7 Lakeside Smooth Jazz gig last night, where he would be appearing with esteemed L.A. jazz artist David Garfield. It was very nice, and they had a great turnout (I chatted with 105.7's Cat Lee for a bit, very nice dude). Jeff Olson was on the tubs. Ace guitarist Michael O''Neil says to tell Jerry "hi." Former Santana vocalist Alex Ligertwood was featured also. Man! what a voice (cat is from Glasgow, Scotland, but sings like he's from Oakland). A few shots:

This is my first blog update from my new iMac, BTW, still feeling my way around this Bad Puppy. The Mac technology is is so superior. Lovin' it. I'm gonna be wearin' out the GarageBand app that comes with it. I bought one of the Jam Pack add-ons to go with it. The 1,000's of drum loops are killer, CD-quality. GarageBand is basically a 20 - 20kHz full bore 8 track studio replete with a full rack of "outboard" signal processing gear and a full library of digitized instrument sounds. You can plug in your axe and play stuff in, or just pick from the library and add stuff (or a combination). I'm gonna cut my teeth on a couple of my instrumentals; my new Santa Fe inspired "Salsa Cassidy," and my nasty old funk piece "Griz Row Hoe Down." Stay tuned. Let the learning curve begin, LOL!

UPDATE: Oh, yeah, I think I'm gonna change the message on my home phone answering machine.


Dave Siefkes was takin' shots last night too. Below, here's a couple he just sent me, "watercolor'd" - very nice (BTW, click to enlarge any of the blog pics).


My bud JoJo over in Monterey sent me this YouTube clip. 21 years ago, on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show," John McLaughlin -- the Mahavishnu cat, yeah -- throws down! Beyond his Robert Conti level chops, listen to the horn chart, OhMyGod! That band was the Real Deal.

Above, our loft office. The new his/hers iMac environment is comin' together. I'm patching in a mixer so I can start doing Garageband work on my tunes, and a podcast series for Santa Fe. Stay tuned.

DON'T FORGET - The healing resumes tomorrow night (October 9th) at 10:15 in THE Lounge at The Palms. Be there.

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