Sunday, October 15, 2006

Quite a week

Wow. What a week. Last Saturday we went to Andre Agassi's annual "Grand Slam for Children" concert at MGM Grand. David Foster conducting. Phil Collins headlining (capping off a night of great performances by a long list of artists, including the incredible John Mayer). Then on to Monday night healing at The Palms with Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns. Wednesday night we went to see Elton John's "Red Piano" show at Caesar's, courtesy of our daughter Danielle (as part of her Danny Gans Partee Fore Kids fundraiser). Elton's show takes place in Celine Dion's amazing venue, the Colosseum, huge raked stage backed by an enormous panoramic video screen that had to be about 120' x 50'). It was good (legacy hit tunes set backed by an OK, aging Hair Band), but too much emphasis on FX -- why does everyone in these major showrooms increasingly think they gotta do overkill faux-Cirque me-too-ism visuals? Asked and answered, I guess. Glad we were comped to that one (at $200+ ea).

Then, on to see Ronnie and the guys on Thursday (see prior post). Finally, Friday night we went to Danielle's final First Tee fundraiser event at the Mirage (so much for my zero $ credit card balances; open bars + silent auctions are hazardous to your FICO), and took in the Beatles/Cirque "Help" show.

OhMyGod! Click here to view the trailer (.mov file). You wanna see the aggregate pinnacle of staging technology, set designs, costuming, and creative performance talent? You gotta see this show. There are no words. I'll have to leave it there. Go see it. Worth every penny.

Coming up: Tonight, the weekly jazz jam at The Hurricane. And, remember, no Santa Fe tomorrow night, but a week from Monday we have the incredible Bill Champlin joining the band on stage. Also, remember to go hang at the Wednesday night Latin Jazz Jam at "The Church" if you can.


JoJo from Monterey just sent me this Dave Weckl clip. Yikes. Bad Boys.

Here's a link to the page that has other Weckl vidcips. Enjoy.

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