Thursday, April 12, 2007

Congratulations, Nate Kimball

Nate Kimball is the son of Vegas veteran musician Seth Kimball (e.g., Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima, Sam Butera, and Pat Martino). He is my son Nick's best friend. They met in grade school at the Hebrew Academy (we're not Jewish, but we sent Nick there anyway), and became tight pals. Nate is like a second son to us. Nate moved on to the Las Vegas Performing Arts Academy for high school, while Nick went to Gorman (we're not Catholic, either, but we sent Nick there anyway).

Tonight was Nate's UNLV recital for his degree in Jazz Performance and Composition. Fine tunes and playing, Nate. I know your parents are proud. So are we.

Nate performs regularly now at The Gold Coast with The Royal Dixie Jazz Band. One talented kid, student of our own fabulous Nathan Tanouye. Again, Nate, congratulations (and, thanks for crackin' on me about my MySpace pic of my hair in 1976, and, can I have my old cornet back one'a these years?).


The talent in this town never ceases to amaze me. After Nate's recital I bopped over to the lounge in the Paris to hear "Perry."

Tony Perry is a really, really nice cat and fabulous R&B singer, kinda of a Luther Vandross quality (great range, smooth as silk). The vocal power in his group is excellent. Very pleasant to listen to, these cats, solid soul groove (A-List players), great vocals, and slick dancing. His female lead vocalist, Mirage, is every bit Chaka Khan / Aretha quality.

Some cool stuff from his bio:
Shortly after arriving in Las Vegas, Tony’s considerable talents were displayed, first as principal singer/dancer in the Stardust Hotel’s long-running “Enter The Night”, and later as the memorably flamboyant featured character of Electra in “Starlight Express”, written by internationally known playwright Andrew Lloyd Webber.

During the past ten years, Tony has been the creative mind, exclusive choreographer, director, and co-leader of the highly respected Las Vegas-based group “Soul Desire”. This group, with their long-standing reputation for choreographic precision and vocal excellence, is in the process of completing an extended contract with the New York-New York Hotel and Casino, where they have been drawing standing-room-only crowds for the past several years. People often ask Tony, “Where do you get so much energy?” The former football athlete credits his father, James, for a never-say-die attitude that he has brought into his current work ethic.

With the decision to take things in a different direction, Tony now has the opportunity of going solo after spending some ten years in an extremely rewarding partnership with Tezz Yancey. 2006 will find Tony as the featured artist in his newly formed group, “Perry”, appearing at a major Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

As involved as he is in the musical and choreographic scene, Tony has a special place in his heart for the creative art of cooking. He has been attending school, majoring in the field of Culinary Arts for the past two years, and expects to be graduating in mid-2006. He then plans to continue his education at the University level, all the while maintaining his current status within the Las Vegas musical community. He dreams one day of opening an establishment as unique as he is…..a venue that will combine his love of music and entertainment with his already demonstrated incredible culinary skills.
Cat could definitely step up with Santa Fe. Not kidding. Go check him out.


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