Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Healing night

Well, it's been an ugly and painful day, given the terrible events at Virginia Tech. I was surprised at the SRO crowd, and their enthusiasm. I guess a lot of people needed a respite from the day-long tragic news. The band sure blew out the walls, starting with a new arrangement -- of Gino Vanelli's "Brother to Brother."
Brother to brother
Now we must join our hearts and hands

Yeah, if we love one another

We hold the key to the promised land

Think of all that weve been through

The shucks and jives and royal blues

Let us pray our time will come

When this world will live as one

Brother to brother

Now dont let the devil get you down

Oh cause its bread and its butter
That makes this whole damn world

Go round and round

Do you know where we went wrong

Tell me why the lines are drawn?
And let us break our boundries down

And live our lives on common ground

Oh mothers and fathers

Where will tomorrows children be?

Oh brother, my brother
Let us live our lives in peace

Brother to brother
Brother to brother
Interesting that they would pick this tune tonight. The arrangement (by Nathan) was so intense. A great night of throw-it-down-to-the-max music ensued, replete with Santa Fe alumni sittin' in at the end. (UPDATE: Our bro' Dave Siekfes hipped me to a YouTube video of Gino doin' this tune at the North Sea Jazz Festival. I put it up it at the bottom of this post. Scroll down.)

A few pics from the night:

Below, Santa Fe alumni came to hang and then step up.


Steve made note of other guests Monday night that I'd neglected to cite. See his column MUSIC SEEN (pics included). e.g.,
Two jazz legends in the audience were trumpeters Bobby Shew who has performed with just about every jazz great you can think of and Lew Soloff best known as an original member of Blood, Sweat and Tears and for his incredible jazz solo in “Spinning Wheel”...

Our friend, Don Capron, former lead trumpeter with Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders shared stories with Bobby Shew.Bobby mentioned working with Wayne at one point in his career...

Tom Delibero,jazz trumpeter who has been touring with Doc Severinsen, was sitting with Bobby and Lew and told me Doc just turned 80 years young and is retiring.


Drummer and CEO of Sessionplayers.com Joey Finger saved the night for Pepe after Pepe broke a bass drum head during the latter part of the first show.

Nice cat. Really a pleasure to meet him. Check out his site.


Drew Zingg and John Wedemeyer together on guitar, doing a gig with Ace blues singer Brad Cordle. It is gonna be insane. If you've yet to hear Brad sing, or Drew or John on guitar, you are missing some major-league talent. I heard John for the first time Friday night. Cat blew me away. And, Drew! Yikes!


And, Nathan's chart was stoooooopid!


Jerry and Lenny will be at NY/NY this week with the fabulous Michael Grimm. Starting at 9 pm tonight, then 4 - 9 pm starting tomorrow.

An email from our brother Joe Bergeron:
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