Saturday, April 14, 2007

A letter from Bill Champlin to his fans

I just copied this from Bill's website at

April 11, 2007

Hello everybody,

My friend, Melanie, reminded me that it's been quite some time since I've said anything on my website, beyond the occasional answer on the message board. NEWS: I've been busy doing vocals on my new solo album, between little 2 week runs with Chicago this last winter and early spring. I had what we think may have been pneumonia for a month in there, and I coughed so much and so badly that I thought it was still the 60's and some Afghani Oil Pressed Primo just came in. Anybody remember what they called "Surfboards?" I digress. The album is coming along really well, and you're gonna' love some of the guests I invited to be on it. I wish I could have done more, but with the time I had and the schedules we had to juggle, I think I got some real "Monsters" on the CD. We did horns with The Santa Fe / Fat City Horns in Las Vegas, and while I was there I got Jerry Lopez to sing a little. A few other kids are on it, too.

By the way, if you haven't checked out the Santa Fe Show in Vegas, you've been missing out on some of the most exciting music I've heard in a long time; they're absolutely awesome. Check them out by going to the South Point Casino every Wednesday starting the end of May, or most Mondays at the Palms Hotel. I'll be sitting in with them on May 14 at the Palms. Any of you who saw us the last time I sat in would have been pretty knocked out, 'cause some of those songs haven't been heard since the Mayday album. Jerry Lopez is an awesome guitarist and, in my estimation, one of the top 10 singers in the world. Be there if you go to Vegas.

Since I last posted, I had a MySpace site set up: that you should check out--that is, of course, if you're not there now reading this.......wait......I'm SO confused. Anyway, I haven't worked for a whole half year on my own CD in a long time. I hope I can finish this one and start right away doing it live and then begin the next one. 10 years is too long between albums....Hey, I'm not Steely Dan. No one is besides them, and that's GOOD. I do better when I work than when I don't; I just don't like working when the vibe is weird, so I bailed on recording for a few years. This time I'm loving the guys we're cutting the tracks with. I've got a production partner and a new label that are truly into this music. We're hoping for the best on this one. Lotsa' fun and some slammin' tracks.

I gotta' stop typing. See ya' soon. Keep your ears open; there just may be a little bit of good music out there.

- Bill Champlin

Brother Bill, you are the BEST, dude.


I have a new friend. Tony Perry came over to my house today, we hung out and talked a while. It was a total pleasure. I've started to help him with some web & MySpace stuff. His website is at, and his MySpace page is located at He and his band play Wednesdays - Sundays at the lounge in the Paris on the Strip. 9 pm - 1 am Wed/Thurs, 10 pm - 3 am, Fri/Sat, and 10 pm - 2 am Sun.

As I noted in a prior post, these cats are really fine (there are a couple of lineup changes since the pic above). Great singing and a solid musical groove. I got hooked up through a request made by his assistant Sharon made of Jerry Lopez. My good fortune once again. Great talent aside, one very nice dude. Y'all should go hear them, no cover, no minimum, very nice venue, and a fine act.


I went to see Brad for a bit last night. Man! This cat can sing blues. He'll be at The Sand Dollar this Thursday with his band, which will include both John Wedemeyer and Drew Zingg on guitar. John plays some of the baddest blues guitar I've ever heard. He and Drew are gonna absolutely blow it up.


Very cool. Very nice of him to do this:
This month’s edition of Uncle Isi’s Jazz Jamboree Podcast features the band “Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns” based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their repertoire covers a wide range from exciting original salsa to creative renditions of modern R&B.
The link is here. Thanks, Isi!


Anonymous said...

I was able to catch this band again for my 3rd time this year and again they were so incredible.
The singer behind the Lopez brothers has really got a excellent voice and his vocals really stood out on top this past Monday.
The sit in on congos was just incredible.
These guys renew me each time so that I am energized to get back into the classroom again.
Really good article on free music available for download.....what do you think of a monthly fee for access to the website of the individual musician and unlimited downloads to whatever they put up each month???
I can't wait to come out and hear them again!!
Your blog and pictures are the bomb! I watched you go crazy with the pictures....this band is lucky to have your support and excellent writing and reporting that you bring to this blog.
I always look forward to your book suggestions.
I finally finished the Weather it was a eye opener and really ties in with the whole Gore documentary thing.
Keep up with your recommendations on what you are me new ideas outside of what I usually read.
Keep up the great work....I love your can tell from it not only are you passionate about music, but you really care about these musicians as well.

BobbyG said...

Thanks so much for the kind words.

Yeah, I will have to do another book report, LOL. I always have 5-6 going at one time. There aren't enough hours in the day to read all the stuff that's important.

The thing about Santa Fe: beyond the obvious killer talent, they are the nicest, most genuine cats I've ever met. Had they just been musically excellent but a bunch of arrogant ego-trippers, I'd have just moved on. But, these cats are simply a joy to be around, just as people.