Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Joe Piscopo in the House!

Yeah, Joe Piscopo came tonight. And David Hasselhoff. And Bette Midler's people. Joe came with Danny Falcone's Dad to hang, and stayed to the end to give props and cop a shot on stage with the guys. I think he dug it totally. I know everyone else did.

Band was takin' names and kickin' ass tonight. Wow. Midway through the second set Gabe had to split, so Bad Boy Brother Michito Sanchez jumped up and took over. Did a conga solo that had everyone shakin' their heads.

Dave Richardson was back from Hawaii, and was loaded for bear. I swear, his new original "Salvation" give me chills every time I hear it. It is so fine.

Rochon did another his violation-of-the-laws-of-physics-and-biomechanics bass rides. Man!

Rochon is the multi-megawatt nuke reactor of this band. Cat is so powerful, yet so fluid and melodic. And, ya gotta love the way he dances all around all night long while playing all this impossible stuff.

The dueling trumpets of "Negrita" delivered the usual howling cheers.

Love it. Below: Dr. Lenny tears up the bongos.

Below, a random selection of more of my keeper shots from the evening.

OK, it's now about 3 a.m. Tuesday. Tonight, 9 p.m., Jerry Lopez will be once again gettin' down with Tommy Alvarado, Chris Gordon, Bill Zappia, and Joel Richman at the E-String on Sunset in Henderson. Come by and hear some more great music. No cover, no minimum.

Also, our Pepe Jimenez will be playing at The Dive tonight (I think that's at Trop & Pecos) with our pal the monster bassist Derek Philip Jones of the Cirque "Ka" show.

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