Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday update

Recall, If you will my Easter message of a year ago. The sentiment is unchanged.

OK, below, a YouTube clip of the Easter bunny rapper my Grandson Keenan gave me, LOL!

UPDATE: The soon-to-open "Fever" showroom at South Point now has a website at Santa Fe will open there on Wednesday, May 9th at 10 pm. Spread the word. Also, Bill Champlin will again be joining us. That will be off-the-scale fabulous. Bill will be with us on the 9th at The Fever, the 14th at The Palms, and the 16th at The Fever. Oh, yeah!

More to come. I'm just back from yet another emergency trip to Florida. Don't forget, the band will be throwin' down tomorrow night in The Lounge at The Palms.


Almost no material artifacts from my young childhood remain. But, I gotta laugh; this week when I was again down in Florida tending to my parents -- my Mom again in the hospital, my Dad still in his nursing home dementia purgatory of by now five and a half years -- she'd left this blanket on the couch in her little apartment.

So, there I was, now in loco parentis caregiver to my own parents, curled up in an enervated jet lag snooze Thursday night in Ma's apartment, wrapped in the favorite blankee of my Buffalo Bob / Hopalong Cassidy / Lone Ranger early childhood.

Life is indeed interesting.


Rochon Westmoreland bass solo recently at The Palms. His hypersonic, hyper-percussive slap funk chops aside, cat plays more complex melodic solo lines than most guitar players can handle. A joy to watch and hear. Thanks again, guys!

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Anonymous said...

Rochon... you kick ass... you rock... you give me goose bumps!!!

As always, peace and love from your biggest Jersey fan!

Sorry I'm gonna miss you guys this trip cause of my Utah side trip, but till next time, keep it real... :-(

Thank you Bobby and ACTA.TV for sharing this!