Thursday, April 26, 2007

Midweek updates

OK, first of all, Jerry said I could release this information. Dr. Lenny The Lopez will soon be heading off to the mountains to engage his other passion of serving as a fly fishing guide. Our awesome bro' Michael Grimm will be stepping up to fill in for him. Wow, that will be way cool. If you've yet to hear Michael sing, you are missing out on a major, major talent.

Next, Dave & Steve (ACTA.TV) sent me this video link. Another Bad Boy. "Extraordinary fingerpicker Pete Huttlinger performs Superstition on All Star Guitar Night at the Ryman in Nashville."


I bought the DVD of the movie "The Queen" and watched it last night. It was excellent. And, Helen Mirren is hot (beyond her acting chops, which are right up there with Dame Judi Dench. Yeah, of course she's appropriately dowdy in this "Her Majesty" role, but she's a hottie). I gotta give props to Miramax, they fund and produce some great stuff.


Eugene gave me a couple of DVDs Monday night, one of him appearing with the Arnie Webster Big Band, and one of him alone doing a very nice drum solo. Wish I could figure out how to translate the files into a format I could upload to YouTube via iMovie. It's cool stuff. Eugene is a fine jazz drummer and a very nice cat.

Hey Bobby,

I don't know if I ever sent you this little tune (mp3). I wrote it and recorded it clear back in 1995. It went into rotation on Musak and XM and still is in rotation to this day. Just got another royalty check last week. This little tune has made me over $20,000. Man, ya just never know about a tune and how it will touch people. I'm playing acoustic guitar (all the finger pickin' on it ) and my friend John Morton is playing all the lead guitar stuff. So simple--but guess it touches people. I've gotten checks from all over the world on this little puppy.

Too Cool !!!! Really old drum synths on it.

Boy, pennies from heaven.



Wow. Just got this movie and watched it. Totally fine acting. Judi Dench is just amazing. Likewise Cate Blanchett (I really dug her small role in "The Shipping News"). Wild, taut story. Highly recommended if you just dig great acting chops.


OK, I'm multitasking today (with what I'm starting to conclude is a root canal job in waiting. I'm up to about an "8" on the 1-to-10 subjective-experience-of-pain thingy in my jaw). I think there's a dental chair in my immediate future.

Cleaned out and re-did the Category-5-crapped-up utility shed in the yard this afternoon. What a mess. Also been 'shedding my workup of Loggins' "Heart to Heart" on 12-string. It's about 95% ready to go. My living room is a complete mess of new PA gear ("...Honey, while you've been gone, I spent the tax refund on a PA..."). Watched Miami get spanked this morning in the NBA playoffs by Da Bulls. Wow. Also started reading the new Einstein biography, and a book called "Persuasion" I just bought.

Watching the movie "Blood Diamond" tonight on DVD. Bloody flick. Well done, but gruesome.

Also, the Pacific Grove Report from 'Cuz Jojo. He sent me this video clip. Cat has great taste in music, Enjoy. Badass stuff. The Mike Stern Band.

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