Friday, September 04, 2009

Hot Club of Las Vegas thrills the Las Vegas Pops Orchestra crowd

How 'bout that shot?

I almost didn't go. Not feeling all that well today, and Cheryl's comin' home in the morning (for a whole week!) and I'm behind the curve doin' household chores (remember to buy fresh flowers in the morning, BG). But, I'm so glad I did, they were fabulous, and the blend they achieved with that large orchestra was wonderful. Props to the front-of-house people.

And, thanks for the fine illumination!

I know Mundo must have a lot of good nights, but this was the best I ever heard him play. His guitar work was both blitzing and elegantly delicate.

That was totally fine. Wow.

I got to chat with a photographer from the Las Vegas Sun prior to the show, Leila Navidi. Very nice young woman. She said we were to be restricted to shooting from off at the side, for only the first three minutes of the concert.

So, I went and slinked off to just off stage center, second row, and did my thing.
Kept a low profile, and nobody messed with me.

I'm thinkin' about makin' up some totally phony laminated "press pass" and affixing it to my Utah Jazz Festival lanyard. Y'know; a little "avatar" headshot photo ID pic, maybe the Las Vegas sign logo up in a corner, and some bullshit text claiming "Las Vegas Independent Entertainment Media Association" (which exists only in my mind). LOL.

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