Thursday, September 03, 2009

Podcast 11 now up (finally): "Friends of Santa Fe, Volume 6"

Ten showcased friends, 14 cuts, 1:09:30 run time. Hope you like it. Sorry to have taken so long getting this one out. The roster:
  • Brandon Fields
  • Tamara Champlin
  • Miari
  • Jeff Ray's Penthouse Suite
  • Dawayne Bailey
  • Scotty Alexander
  • Dave Hart
  • Michito Sanchez
  • Darren Kramer
  • Rachel Eckroth
LOL! I keep sayin' I'm gonna write a v/o script for these, but I never seem to. I winged this one as well, looking at my scribbled paper notes while ad-libbing, and got a lot of my raps first-take this time (in between dogs barking, cars zooming up the street, helos zooming overhead, the AC going on, etc).

This makes a total of 47 individual "Friends of Santa Fe" featured thus far. And, there're more to come. As I review this one, I'm likin' the wider span of genres this time. We have a surfeit of the funk/jazz/Latin stuff, but through this series one of my ulterior motives is to demonstrate to potential corporate sponsors the rich, deep, and diverse stylistic vein of talent within the Santa Fe orbit.
It's all about all of you. I want to help promote that for all of you. Y'all continue to amaze me with your talents and bless my life with your friendship.


Lon Bronson band gig, our Tony Davich is in the band, as is Garrett Hypes (bari) and Tom Delibero on trumpet. Also sitting in on guitar tonight was the always fine Jim Buck.

Drew (Steely Dan alumnus) ripped the place up. They did several classic old Steely Dan tunes: My Old School, Do It Again, Reelin' In the Years, Peg. Very cool.

Below, finally got a couple of good shots of Ron Camiri. He plays both trumpet and percussion, and he's usually tucked away in the dark.

Above, Jim Buck on guitar. Yeah, man...

I wanted to get some better, more varied shots of Drew, but they set him up all the way to the right, which restricted any shot angles.

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