Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sept 18th amble

Came back from the nursing home last night and jumped out to see the Cordle-Scott Band over at the Rhythm Kitchen (just north on Decatur at Sunset off the 215 exit). Brad and the cats play again tonight at 9 pm. Nice place. I wish them well. Ya oughta check it out. They tout an ongoing live music schedule on their website (

I checked out the menu and ordered the Shrimp Creole. Very good, reasonably priced too. I really likes me legit Louisiana chow, so I was in show-me skeptic mode. I'll have to check out some of their other menu items.

Service was way slow, though, and the restaurant area was only maybe a quarter full. Hate to think what it'd be like were the place jammed.

The music lounge is upstairs. Lotta potential there, but some of the setup comes under the heading of "forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do." While I give 'em credit for at least installing a lighting truss with a few pars and spots, it's mounted on the low ceiling about 30 feet away from the front of the stage. No backlighting of any kind, and the back of the stage is bare wall with floor length windows. I'd put a heavy theatrical curtain across the back of the stage to damp down the low end (plus, they have about 3x the amount of PA they need. The sound was a roaring blur).

I would also have installed the light grid truss maybe only 6 feet or so out from the stage and supplanted it with white pin spots and back/side lights. As it was, the red gel pars totally wiped out the blues, giving the stage a monochromatic, too-dim look for any effective gig shots.

Like I said, it's a nice place, with a lot of potential. I'd just recommend some performance environment improvements. But, none of my business, really.


Hot Club of Las Vegas are sounding better all the time, gotta say. Mundo just slays that Gypsy Djazz lead guitar, man!

Interesting: they've installed a small elevated stage area, about 8 inches high, kinda off to the left. It's really just big enough for the grand piano and a small drum kit, with a vocalist out front. Chris and Gabe were still set up off in the dark.


[photo by Leila Navidi, Las Vegas Sun]

Very cool. David plays trumpet with the Lon Bronson Band. He's doing the Zowie Bowie "Vintage Vegas" gig at the Monte Carlo:
...This Sunday will be another first for Perrico, who will conduct the 17-piece big band backing Zowie Bowie’s new “Vintage Vegas” show in its grand opening at the Lance Burton Theatre at the Monte Carlo. The show is packed with familiar songs such as “Luck Be a Lady,” “Fly Me to the Moon” and “Something,” but Perrico says that the show isn’t about imitation.

“We’re not trying to do Frank. We’re not trying to do impersonating. We’re really trying to pay tribute to what made Vegas … You want to preserve the classic vintage sound that’s recognizable, but what we’re doing here is just a new take on a classic, a different groove.”...

This is a nice book. Glad to see cats gettin' to play this kind of stuff. I covered this show back in January, when they did it at GVR.

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